What Not to Do

What Not to Do

People tend to go for the immediate effect. For example, they are first-cost minded. They consider the immediate cost, but leave out the adjourned cost.

This tendency extends to their social behavior. For example, to refresh their mouths some people tend to chew flavored gums. The immediate benefit is obvious. However, the deferred effect is these people get bloated. The bad mouth smell is replaced by nasty smells during their enjoyment time. Chewing gum entraps air in the stomach leading to the ill-desired effect.

The same postponed effect is observed upon eating certain foods. Some sugar-containing foods such as beans require the call for the activation of methane-releasing bacteria. This leads to the release of bad smells at times we need to avoid the increase in gassiness to be socially-acceptable. The same reasoning extends to energy drinks.

Too much socializing with people at work may sound a great idea. However, many studies show that the postponed ill-effects can be dangerous. When you get very close to a teammate this may result in knowing about her/him more than necessary leading to mistrust and later the relationship deteriorates. Like two electrons if they get closer than needed they repel each other.

There is a limit to how much we need to love a friend. Exceeding this limit will signal to your friend later on that she/he has the right to interfere with your choices. There is something embedded in each sweet relationship. This is the darkness that is embedded in the light and the chaos embedded in what seems to be a completely ordered system. We don’t want the sweetness of relationship to call for the attention of methane-releasing bacteria to “digest” the sugary relationships. This will turn the sweetness to smell-repelling gases.

Polarity is in having one good aspect (good smell and bad aspect in having bad smell). Like emulsifiers with one end loving water and one end hating water). This is what allows for the removal of dirt in our clothes and likewise the removal of dirt from our relationship with others. It is not having one and leaving the other. It is both. It is the chewing gum that has the immediate positive effect and the offsetting repelling effect later on. To be prepared to handle such deterred effects we need to have “an end” to remove the bad smell, the intervention of others in our lives and the sweetness that turns bitter later on.

Great leaders have opposite traits to deal with the opposites. These leasers have the empathy, but may be firm when needed. They are both introvert and extrovert. They are the emulsifiers of an organization for they have the ends to accumulate people around them.

Leaders are like emulsifiers- with active and opposite ends. This way they clean the fats of their worries, obstacles, disagreements, hostility and the like with being polar to people and care for them. They wash away dirt and clean others.

What are your thoughts? Do we need emulsifier-like leaders?

Zen Lefevre 4 d ago · #77

#74 Yes, I'm new to beBee and thank you! :-)

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#75 Thank you for your appreciative comment @Ernesto Rangel

Ernesto Rangel 4 d ago · #75

Great insight on leadership, thank you for sharing!

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#73 Thank you @Zen Lefevrebfor your appreciation and evaluation of the post. I believe this is your first comment on any of my posts and I warmly welcome you.

Zen Lefevre 4 d ago · #73

Great post and yes, I think we need 
emulsifier-like leaders. They are the best leaders!

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#70 It is my turn to smile now because of your comment @Fay Vietmeier
"By their fruits you will know them"- this is very true. I wrote on this topic. The degree of sweetness and flavor of a fruit is estimated from its Brix Number. The higher the value s, the better the fruit is. Now, I wonder what is my Brix number!. I know you have a high value one.

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Fay Vietmeier 5 d ago · #70

Your compliment "sweet thinker" made this bee SMILE ;~) ever so sweetly ;~)
and this truth:
"how man lives ... in everyday life that is the real answer to the question"
Values & beliefs are revealed in our everyday life
"By their fruits you will know them"

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#65 This comment by you and the comment by @Jerry Fletcher on my post of today show the great respect Harvey has gained by making mind-twisting comments. I am so happy that people here appreciate great commenters.

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