Continue learning and control your career destiny!

In a world that is highly driven by technology and its vast moving pace of change, most careers are likely to be impacted by that in one way or another. To that end, one has to re-evaluate their skills frequently and ensure their alignment with their career advancement and in order to remain relevant and employable.

Continued learning has advanced my career in more ways than I have bargained for. It helped me to go a long way with my teaching, Professional training and IT management.

In the early to mid-nineties, the Internet and associated technologies were the new popular kid in the block. With this in mind, it dawned in me that my classical sets of technology skills will soon reach their sell by date and possibly face the employment prospect soon.

In order to avert that prospect, I have decided to embark on a 12-month path of retraining that put me back in the class room while I was a professor teaching undergraduate.  That was of no relevance to me. However, I followed this path through an economical and self-respecting and self-teaching courses leading to industry recognized certification.

The critical point here is that, this retraining would be of no interest to my employer to sponsor as it had no immediate benefit to them. The relevance and value is to my personal future. Here where one has to always think of not what training is needed in order to benefit their immediate career but also his or her own future prospect and potential mobility. That is, your employer hasn’t always got your best interest in mind, it is always theirs and what is in their best interest. Hence, it is up to you to take care of that in one way or another.

 Do not take chances with your prospects and think you are the darling of your employer. You are so as long as you are of value to them. The sooner you are not; you will be courteously seen out.

So what are you doing to ensure that you are up-to-date with your existing jobs skills and how are you looking after your future prospects and possible mobility?

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Continue learning and control your career destiny!