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How to recognize sports talent while studying in college

How to recognize sports talent while studying in college

The biggest wish of any mother and father is a bright and successful future for their children. They want their kid to become a good and kind person who will be able to take a worthy place in society. It is a great pleasure to be proud of the child, to observe the development of its talent, to enjoy the success and see the shining and happy eyes. But it is first needed to reveal the talent of a child and not to miss the moment to develop the abilities giving to it by nature. 

Keep an eye on the behaviour 

If you dream your child to become an outstanding athlete or to have a good shape, you must first try to determine its athletic ability before making it go in for a sport it does not like. To make a choice easier you may recourse to the methods for recognizing a talent in your child. You only have to take into account diverse signs and criteria for determining the sports gift and consider the most effective of them (comoiled by 

1. A boy or a girl moves hasty, even if such actions lead to abrasions and bruises; 

2. The pupil has a huge margin of energy and even late in the evening he cannot calm down; 

3. A student always wins in every activity, whether it is a street skirmish, an ordinary game or a competition; 

4. A boy is perfectly physically developed for his age. He is able to cover long distances, run, throw and catch various objects; 

5. A student has a good coordination; 

6. A student has all-alone learned how to ride a bicycle or roller skates, mastered skating or skiing. He can swim but nobody taught him and he learned this without someone's else help; 

7. A boy or a girl cannot stay inside but always goes out for running, jumping, climbing and playing instead of reading a book or sitting at the computer or laptop; 

8. A student chose a sports idol/hero and tries to imitate him/her. 

What can the genes say? 

Should you decided to study the issue of sports abilities better, then you should start by assessing the student's family tree. In other words, it is necessary to make up the genetic tree. You may ask the student's parents, grandparents and even great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers and all the close relatives about the lives story of the student's ancestors, their professions and hobbies. If there are no relatives to talk about this, it is possible to contact the city archives which are available in every city. Thus, having studied genealogy, you can find out that the backgrounds for sports the student has. Genetics is really a very powerful science and you should take the genes seriously because if there were great athletes in the family, a child can inherit that talent. 


For those who are going to find out the student's sports abilities, take a look at his/her parents. How often did you meet short parents' tall kids? Quite rarely. Indeed, the so-called linear dimensions of the body are what can be taken as the most predictable inherited feature. The same cannot be said about the musculature and quality features: speed, endurance, working capacity is inherited rarely. It means that you can reveal a future weight-lifter easier than a runner for long distances. 

Power of science 

Luckily to us, the humans living in the 21st century, the modern technologies give us a possibility to conduct the complex genetic research in the specialized laboratory, which reveals the predisposition or a young man to a particular kind of sport. 

This research will make it possible to understand what direction to choose, what physical loads are allowable, what risks to health exist, what diets will be needed and even can provide the recommendations for rehabilitation in case of traumas. 

During the laboratory study, the parents of a schoolboy or a college student are being informed about the specific genes that can even save their kid from future troubles and help recognize the threat in advance. It can happen that sport and big loads may be dangerous to the health and a child can sustain hypertrophy of the heart muscle, heart attack and hypertension. When the body cannot adequately respond to increased demands, it is better to immediately drop loading the student. 

Passing the tests 

To determine a student's sports talents, the teachers and psychologists can help. They can propose various tests which reveal the disposition to a certain sports discipline. The results of the test may show a student who is completely incapable of going in for sport where power, flicks and muscle mass are needed, can prove himself out in that kind of sport, where endurance is demanded (cycling). It is also possible to identify those students who will not show any good results. Thus, the students, teachers and parents can save money and time, and avoid unnecessary emotional stresses. Owing to these tests it becomes easy to reveal the sports talents. The previous years, the coaches used their intuition for finding the sports stars, but now these stars can be discovered by means of mathematic calculation. 

Despite the clever science can predict the sporting future of a young people, there are cases when a student goes in for sport for a very long time and shows very good results, suddenly refuses to go to the training. This can happen to any sportsman. In this situation, a coach, a psychologist or a parent must help to overcome this period, since the reasons can be different: a quarrel with friends, a punishment given by a teacher, or just a protest to the parents. 

To reveal the talent of a schoolboy or a student is not as difficult as it may seem. The most important thing in the revealing process is gradualness and consistency. Listen to your child, take into account its opinions and desires, and become partners in achieving a common goal. And then a boy or a girl will succeed, and you will be proud of your future sports star. 

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