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Do Kids Really Need Preschool?

Mike and Helen are trying to decide whether to enroll their youngest daughter Tracy in the local preschool. Because Helen works only a few hours a week, Mike feels that she should look after Tracy, at least until her formal schooling begins. Helen, however, is still unsure.

Do Kids Really Need Preschool?

Supposing that you had been offered a preschool place for your child. Would you accept?

If you are a working mother then the opportunity has obvious advantages. But what if you are at home most of the time? The important question to ask yourself is: "Would preschool benefit my child?" The mother who says: "Thank God she's off my hands" is putting herself first.

It is important to remember that five-year-olds have reached the stage of insatiable curiosity and are ready to learn to mix with their peers.

If yours is an only child you should seriously consider sending him or her to preschool. Similarly if you live in an area where there are few houses and even fewer children, then preschool has the clear advantage of additional playmates.

In refusing the offer of a preschool place one mother said: "He doesn't like other children. He only quarrels with them. When he's by himself, he plays quietly." She was really saying: "I don't like children to make a noise."

It is not natural for a child to be anti-social. True, some children object strongly (and loudly) to being placed in school. But they will have to go sooner or later. Very often, a child's objection is no more than a nervous reaction to totally strange surroun