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Dorama Review - Wild Mom! (暴れん坊ママ)

Dorama Review - Wild Mom! (暴れん坊ママ)About the Show

Kawano Ayu (Ueto Aya) is a tomboy-ish girl of the sea. She isn't well-educated, but she's upbeat and has an honest heart. Married to her is a once-divorced stylist, Kawano Tetsu (Oizumi Yo). One day, Tetsu's five-year-old son arrives at their shop, and their happy newlywed life turns into chaos.

So, is it enjoyable?

Heck yes!! Wild Mom! Is one of the best doramas I have seen in a long time (despite being aired originally 2007). Most doramas that get or have got subtitles in the past years seem to fall in the young adult romance genre, from which we can pick several great ones, but rarely something so honest and different like Wild Mom!

Wild Mom! has everything for that veteran and not-so-veteran dorama watcher who is looking for something beyond the typical will-they-won't-they formula with highschool or college students. This dorama not only jabs at the traditional ideas of wifedom, but also motherhood, stepmotherhood, fatherhood, child-raising, modern education and modern kindergardens, and the seriousness of li