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Doubt and Marketing

Doubt and Marketing

I am responsible for a lot of the marketing at my husband's real estate brokerage.  I love doing it.  I'm creative by nature and spent many years doing a LOT of different types of art in various mediums.  Sometimes I would sell them, most of the time I wouldn't.  The point really, is the same doubt creeps into my brain like WHY is no one buying this art?  The price is right.  It's an original piece!  I.  Don't.  Get.  It.  

Move to today.  I've mastered After Effects, Apple Motion, IMovie, etc. and have really created unique and quirky videos that I'm proud of.  Some are informational.  Some are cheesy.  Most of these are under a minute and are posted daily on every site you can think of; however, the lack of activity still remains.  An average of 5 likes on Instagram.  A thumbs up or two on Facebook.  Not enough to really give me the creative energy I crave to make more and do better.  And.  I.  Don't.  Get.  It. 

Currently, the company is small and 2020 wasn't the best; however, growth is a huge goal. Advertising dollars are spent mostly on properties that come up for sale, and we do get a few billboards every year.  My question is this, without the typically SEO pep talk and advertising budget discussion, how can I get our unique and quirky perspective to become a bigger 'hit'?  I'll be adding the youtube channel for the company, if you have the time, take a peek and give me your perspective, I'd love to hear it.  Please use constructive criticism.  :)


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