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A great testimonial from a retired RN !

I am a 63 yr old Retired RN a Mother of 4 grown Sons 3 Step Children and 15 Grandchildren my life is full and busy. As a nurse I was quite familiar of the HGH shots and what good results could happen if one's pituitary was enhanced by increasing the HGH level in the pituitary gland and increasing adrenal gland functions. But, what I didn't know, was that now one could get hgh in a microdosing application in an all natural homeopathic transdermal gel. It is FDA registered with an NDC# that isn't easy to get. The gel has had an NDC# for 8 A great testimonial from a retired RN !years, so I knew it was being regulated properly.

Wow, I was so excited about the science behind this product. As a nurse it was so easy to understand, was my first thoughts. I could easily share it with all my friends and family. I also knew I had thyroid issues as well. Reading up on the Botanicals and Thyroidinum involved in this formula could help my thyroid too.

After my first days the sleep was so incredibly real! I was finally sleepy well into my REM sleep and not waking up at all through the night. What really got me was I could remember my dreams. Anyone in neurology even knows that deprivation of sleep weakens the entire body and organs over a long period of time. Good sleep can help restore your body back to new cellular changes. So sleeping well is phenomenal for a healthy body at any age.

But, my mental clarity has greatly improved also. I have what they call "thyroid brain" from my hypothyroidism, but increasing my hgh, I am much more focused. And my energy is incredible, by the evening the fatigue would hit till bedtime before the gel.

My lip lines gone, hands, skin are softer and eyelashes thickened up after a couple of months with increasing HGH.

I am now on 4 months of using this incredible product and with drinking half my body weight of water daily which increases the flushing of toxins throughout the body for Optimal results.

My AIC went down 2 points in 90 days with increased hgh on a daily basis and my cholesterol down too in those 90 day of labs.

If you are pondering to try this product, as a nurse, may I kindly advise that you should've begun using it yesterday. Don't put this off, this life is not a dress rehearsal. Live you best life now. Get started today and see what you are missing out in your life, just like I was. 

**This is my own personal testimony. Results may vary from person to person. Check with your licensed healthcare provider before starting the gel.**