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Swimming Pools - Great Pool Workout

Swimming Pools - Great Pool WorkoutAt Allen Pool Service Atlanta, your swimming pool maintenance experts, we believe there is no reason you should hit the gym. Instead, hit the pool! Did you know that your pool can be your gym? There are many different pool workouts that your can do in the comfort of your pool that will burn calories while toning and strengthening your body. And the best part is, when you work up a sweat, you hardly notice it.

So, why is the pool a great place for a working out? One is the fact you are already in the water which helps keep your body cooler and keeps you feeling more refreshed. And, when you are in the water, your body does compensate to the cooler temperate by burning more calories to help keep you warm. Another reason water is an effective place to workout is the fact it provides resistance. When working out with resistance, you build strong and long muscle which greatly tone your body. And, when you build muscle through strength training, you also continue to burn more sustained calories even after the workout itself! And, pool workouts do not require additional equipment like weights or resistance bands.

The Pool Workout Circuit

The exercise circuit below is intended to be done three times a week in chest deep water. Do the circuit three times, one exercise after another with no rest between. The entire workout, doing the circuit three times, is about ten minutes, but you will be working your entire body while pumping up your heart rate and toning your muscles.

Warm Up and Cool Down
To warm up (and cool down after you finish the pool workout), stand in chest deep water with your feet shoulder width apart. Then, with your hands...

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