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Happy Friday!

I have had such a positive experience since joining beBee a few weeks ago!  I wanted to requite the kindness I have received from so many bees by sharing a little "Friday Happiness".  My son Tarl Shamus is 8 years old and he is the sunshine in my life.  He is a very smart little boy with an incredible passion for learning and an amazing sense of humor!  We share a love for music and I have many special memories that are sparked whenever I listen to a particular song or musician.  

I took this video about four years ago and it always brings a huge smile to my face whenever I watch it.  It was a cold and rainy day and we had just arrived home from visiting his dad who was recovering in a nursing facility from a life threatening seizure he had in August, 2012.  Tarl asked if we could just sit in the car for a while and listen to some music before going inside.  I had just bought a BB King CD the week before and had played a few songs for him that same day.  I was pleasantly surprised when he asked to listen to a certain song from that CD because he really liked it.  I was even more surprised with what happened once the song started playing!  I had to stop it so I could get my phone out and take a video. I started the song over again and recorded one of the most precious memories I have with my beautiful son!

I hope this short story and video will bring some sunshine to your day and a smile to your face! 

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!

Praveen Raj Gullepalli 8/11/2016 · #29

That was so heart-warming Allison! Tarl's mesmerised response to the song, you reaction of sheer surprise and delight...priceless! ahh the entrancing power of Blues! ;) When my kids were that age...I used Bob Marley and his reggae music to soothe them...sometimes even as a lullaby! Tarl's got the Blues! :) Let him keep listenin!

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Claire 🐝 Cardwell 8/11/2016 · #28

Love it - especially as I was up at 3am this morning!

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Irene Hackett 8/11/2016 · #27

#24 LOL!! 😄😄

Allison Obrien 8/11/2016 · #26

#23 Thank you so much for joining and sharing @Irene Hackett! I look forward to seeing your buzz's in the hive! Hope you had a great Monday!

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Allison Obrien 8/11/2016 · #25

Thanks for keeping the buzz going @Javier beBee and @Milos Djukic I am so glad to know that there are so many people who seem to enjoy watching this video almost as much as I do..Lol! The Mommy is always the #1 fan...Lol!

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Allison Obrien 7/11/2016 · #24

#23 Glad to Finally know a woman who is as beautiful and fast acting as I am @Irene Hackett!! Lol!

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Irene Hackett 7/11/2016 · #23

#22 wow - that was fast! 👍 I just joined and shared

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Allison Obrien 7/11/2016 · #22

#21 I created it last night @Irene Hackett..Lol! I don't mess around..Lol! "Videos and Photos to Brighten Your Day" I posted this video to it already.

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