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Http:// poll, anti-dust, trend, anti-road violence. Breathing valve: new 3.0 Filter effect: 95 percent or more Product Name: Valve Mask Two-layer polyurethane filtration: The first layer filters large particles and dust and the second layer efficiently absorbs unfiltered dust and bacteria. Nano technology. Mask style: hanging ear - like glasses over or here around the ear. Full nose and mouth coverage. Is there a breathing valve: Yes Material: microfibre Protection level: KN95 Size: approx. 27x14 cm oxybreath pro mask test and quality features Especially in times of too much fine dust in the air or in itself of too many environmentally harmful  oxybreath pro mask  particles, such a mask offers a lot of protection against the inhalation of such toxins. But also in times of crisis such as an epidemic like the currently raging coronavirus, this mask offers protection against infection. Due to its 5 layers, the protective mask offers ideal protection against fine dust and bacteria or viruses. So nothing penetrates the mask from the outside and gets into your respiratory tract. This protective mask also offers ideal protection against cold and is even waterproof. In this way, you are protected from the exhaust fumes and fine dust even during a heavy rain shower. oxybreath pro mask opinions and experiences This breathing mask of oxybreath pro mask looks at first sight quite clumsy and glorifies violence, as if you went directly into a violent demonstration, but behind the exterior hides an enormous effect against toxic gases or viruses in the air with this mask. Through a small breathing valve you get enough fresh air, but nothing harmful penetrates the mask, so you can breathe freely, but nothing gets in. The mask is supposed to be non-pressurizing and comfortable to wear, its material should not sweat and be barely noticeable. It takes