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Easy Ways To Make Your Project Less Messy

Easy Ways To Make Your Project Less Messy

Thinking about taking a project on yourself requires a lot of hard work. Especially if it is a painting project of your own house and also if you are a neat freak or someone who does love the customization and governing every detail by yourself, but hate the mess it creates. In our opinion we have made a list of a few must do’s to make the projects easy on you:

1. Give your furniture a little lift:

Painting is naturally a very messy job, no matter what you do, there is bound to be some mess, smudges, and drips. With wood furniture, it is better to be a little cautious because there is a risk of over-application and applying different coats to the furniture is not an easy job. So if the furniture is not just put in the right way, painting that piece of little furniture will become twice as difficult. Especially, for example, to reach the bottom of the legs of a table or a chair, it is better to lift the furniture before starting on those parts.

So The tip is to keep your furniture at a position where you can reach all of its parts and paint without any hassle.

2. Keep the ceilings mess-free:

To keep the ceiling mess-free and separate from the wall paint, it is important to make or tape the boundary that separates the ceiling and the wall so the paint does not get over the other wall. The paint strokes need to be parallel to the ceiling and avoid any forced application to the crease.

It is better to use rollers or brushes on the edges as it ensures a good clean-edged application. Titan Kits offers various spray roller kits that are worth investing in, to do your job with a certain finesse. It is also important to apply thin coats to the wall hence its beneficial to keep paint in handy just in case of any mishap.

3. Keep the Dirt and Dust in control:

Before starting any painting job it is necessary to vacuum and dust the place to ensure clean and smooth application of paint. Otherwise, the painting might result in piled up dirt spots or some weird patterns.

In order to ensure that the new paint coat sticks, all the dirt, and dust needs to be brushed off from the wall or ceilings.

4. Using rollers for High spots:

In order to paint high spots and places, instead of using spray guns and paintbrushes and straining your hands and arms, it is better to use paint rollers with handle extensions. It makes the job much easier for the painter, especially if you are not a professional. Titan kits have a vast range of many rollers and extensions to help you with just the right height adjustments.

Its already established that paint ceilings and tough tight spots are a struggle, especially if you are not a professional. One option is to get large rollers to get the paint job done quicker but the problem with such rollers is that they are not able to reach tight spots or small ones. That is why its better to choose adjustable rollers according to your needs which help you reach every nook and corner to make application easy. The rollers come in many shapes and the form of mini and micro roller sizes, hence it is important to make selections based on your project.

5. Avoid Textured Cielings:

Applying a textured paint to the ceiling might look good visually and might give a classy look to your room but it sure leaves a lot of mess and drippings around the house. The best way to cut down the cleaning hassle is to cover the area with drop cloths and tapes. The more extensive the texture, the tougher the job for clean up.

We would recommend draping the room or area with plastic sheets from ceiling to walls to avoid the mess. To do this, a wide painters tape is required which allows you to tape the sheets or cloths and ensure it doesn’t get pulled off during the painting job.

6. Caulk Line:

For those of you who don’t know what caulking is, it is not just a sealant, it’s a visual line that can either create an enhanced look for your room. Caulk lines are something that is built in the washrooms, kitchen and various other rooms and needs to be constantly updated and retouched in order to ensure it doesn’t develop any mould.

The difficulty with caulking is creating a smooth and straight line. When attempting to recaulk its important to make sure not too little caulking is used otherwise the part wouldn’t be sealed properly or too much caulking would result in an ugly visual. For this purpose, we recommend Titan Tools 17008 Multi-Purpose Razor Scraper Set, which is a very important titan kit that helps with the caulk line. It is one of the essential that is needed for various painting jobs, especially for the smooth application of caulk line.

7. Drywall:

Taping drywall is a very important part of the painting job. Professionals have the ability to make everything look easy and simple. But taping and masking drywall is a very difficult job. Drill on the wrong part of drywall and you might end up increasing the workload on yourself.

Yes! We know reading through our article might help you and make you think you’ve got this and it is true! If you follow certain guidelines and have a few recommended tools it is not hard. In fact, it might give you the result that even professionals cannot achieve. Because let us be real, the heart and soul you can invest in your project and the vision you have, you are the best person to make it happen.

Therefore Take a deep breath and let us tell you, YOU GOT THIS! GOODLUCK to all our passionate DIYers and painter to achieve their dream homes.