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Android App Release Checklist For The Production Launch

Android App Release Checklist For The Production Launch

Along these lines, you have been sitting tight for this extraordinary day while completing a considerable measure of diligent work on your Mobile application, now you will release your Android application in the production yet you are considering if there is something I am missing or overlooking. Then go through these checklist:

Add analytics to your Android application

Check on the off chance that you have included the right analytics at all the spots where you had implied. The most ideal approach to check is that simply consider what information you require and what are the measurements you need to gauge, check whether you can get those information and measurements from the investigation that you have included or not. On the off chance that you can get those then you are ready.

Apply proguard in your Android Mobile Application

Applying proguard to your Android application helps from multiple points of view. It minimise the code which prompts the application measure lessening. It likewise jumbles the code which makes it troublesome for the designer who is endeavouring to figure out your application.

Along these lines, now how about we take a gander at the essential focuses that ought to be considered while applying the Proguard in your application.

  • Remember to include the Proguard runs in petition for any library that you have incorporated into your venture.
  •  Include the lead for the classes on which you would prefer not to apply Proguard utilizing keep class.
  • Try not to utilize something like AwesomeFragment.class.getSimpleName() as a section TAG. 
  • Proguard may allocate a similar name (A.class) to two distinct sections in various bundles while muddling. For this situation, two pieces will have a similar TAG. It will prompt the bug in your application.
  • Keep your mapping file of the Proguard to trace back to the original code. You may have to upload it at different places like PlayStore Console for seeing the original stack-trace of the crashes.
  • Keep your mapping document of the Proguard to follow back to the first code. You may need to transfer it at better places like Pl