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Android P | Every Thing you Need to Know About Features

Android P | Every Thing you Need to Know About FeaturesGoogle has given Android Developers a taste of Android P, the next major version of its mobile operating system. So, what it is going to be called Pumpkin Pie or Peppermint Patty? Or how about Popsicle? Well, whatever Google ends up deciding on, we’re not going to know for sure until the fall. But Google has shared with what features Android P will Come. Here is Every thing You need to know about Android P Features.
  • New gesture navigation
  • New Google Material Theme
  • Controls to curb phone addiction.
  • Improved notifications
  • Adaptive settings for battery life, screen brightness and application suggestions


Android P Enables a user to swipes up to view recent apps along with the application suggestions. Instead of using trio of buttons along the bottom of the screen. A new single button will quickly switch between apps.

Material Theme

The next feature which is included in Android P is material theme. This approach is not new to Android or google, the new theme adds white space and rounded corners.

New Dashboard to curb phone addiction

Dashboard is a new feature that helps track the amount of time you spend on your device. With Dashboard Feature, User will be able to see since how long he is using phone to send messages, stream content, surf the internet, or even make calls.

With certain apps like YouTube, you can even receive recommendations to take a screen break. You’ll also be able to set up screen time limits for specific apps..

It also provides you shush or wind down mode a new Do not disturb tool which automatically activates when you place your Mobile phone screen down on a table or surface.

Improved Notifications

New imp