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Best affordable YouTube Clone Script to create a video sharing website

Best affordable YouTube Clone Script to create a video sharing website

There is certainly no one else left who do not have the interest of streaming a video over a stage such as YouTube. The video streaming business has grown so much beyond control that entrepreneurs are looking for the implementation of a YouTube clone for their businesses.

Software encoders and programmers have launched enterprises which would create a YouTube clone script sticking to the least expenditure. The ever-growing media industry has initiated applications which can be run on mobile phones, tablets, and also other gadgets introduced for the benefit of mankind.

More than 50% of the total internet indebted crowd is looking how to create a video sharing site. YouTube with its huge number of fans and the best video sharing script has embarked itself as the best video sharing portal of the present generation. The content used by YouTube in their videos are captivating and intriguing which attracts a considerable number of customers every single day.

A YouTube clone can be created in two ways, one being commencing the venture from the scratch with the implementation of coding and designing. The other way is to buy a video sharing script which has already been acclaimed and offered over a CMS based platform.

A Content Management System (CMS) is one of the most important elements you would need for such a venture. You need a brilliant video player to launch such a platform.

One of the most distinguished platforms for CMS is StreamTube.

StreamTube is a video CMS containing basic features of YouTube that allows you to launch your own video sharing site immediately. This script has a component pressed administrator board and offers different informational arrangements to help clients. It has an effective and rich in feature CMS and is intended to deal with a vast volume of information every day.

StreamTube creates a YouTube clone which is completely adaptable from video input transformation configurations to the layout of the texting system.

Such an enterprise has applied a plan, integrated payment portals and has also influenced its open source elements allowing you to redo it as you like. Android and iOS applications for your clients, push notifications to keep them connected with and the advertisement administration are few uncommon features of StreamTube.

Let us discuss as to why StreamTube will be commendable then other CMS platforms:

· Customers would be able to manage more than one channel and can also appoint one admin for its management.

· Customers would be freely uploading numerous videos over their YouTube clone using the links provided by YouTube.

· The subscription plans being customer-centric would allow you to make healthy cash from your business.

· The SEO in such a venture is so top-notch that the keywords put in the video URL easily heads the rank on any search engine.

· Manageable endorsements according to the user’s choice can also be included along with customization features.

Once the basic specks of StreamTube have been elaborated, you would be able to get a clear idea about how to create a video sharing website.

Let us discuss the different areas of expertise of StreamTube.


Such a speck of StreamTube is introduced with the aim of making money. It assists the founder of the YouTube clone script to decide the platform it must be displayed on so as to generate commendable traffic to the establishment. Google AdSense is a program which would allow generation of revenue by aiming the endorsements audiences have to watch while launching a video.


Ones depending on StreamTube would also have the authority to create enough channels and list each one of them so that the audience is able to register for a channel going by their wish. In case they do not have interest in a channel, they can momentarily unsubscribe themselves and subscribe back at a later point if possible.


Brand awareness is created by the SEO generated by StreamTube. An economical SEO which will allow driving organic traffic to a website would obviously attract the ones looking for a video sharing script.


One using an application backed by an interesting Youtube clone created by StreamTube would be able to make payments from any corner of the planet. The payment gateways integrated here receive payments through credit and debit cards and even online. You will have PayPal as your payment wallet which is a common gateway all across the world.

Some of the technologies used by StreamTube are:

· BOOTSTRAP – For the front-end layout.

· NGINX SERVER – For video streaming.

· DIGITALOCEAN – Hosting server.

· STRIPE – Integration of Payment Wallet.

· REDIS server – Video compression and resolution fixation.

· PAYPAL – Payment Gateway.

· LARAVEL 5.0 – Backend operations.

· MYSQL – Data saving.

· SMTP – Email

The information stated above is apt for you to create a YouTube clone without any issue taking aid from StreamTube. Now you can blindly go ahead and trust the most affordable and user-friendly video-on-demand script ever.

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