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Blockchain- who cares anyway?

Do you ever feel like it's jargon central in the land of technology?   Maybe like all these terms are swimming around, and new ones abound every day when you couldn't keep up with the last ones?  Blockchain, Artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotic process automation, big data, etc.  

Maybe you feel like the guy in this picture?

Blockchain- who cares anyway?Um, I did mean the dinosaur, not the person driving the car.......  Ever feel like an old dinosaur with all these new terms, and the technology you are chasing looks like this?

Blockchain- who cares anyway?

It's a shiny new Tesla, yet you are looking for where to put in the gas?

I recognized some time ago that in the land of systems and technologies, so many companies and people are struggling to keep up.  Struggling to innovate, and figure out what to tackle next.  Cutting through the sea of simply sales speak to the heart of what the technologies are actually solving is so hard to find!  So I created a podcast, called Thriving at the Crossroads.  The idea is to let you be a fly on the wall as I talk technology with companies, and how it can actually solve business problems.  I do my best to get rig of jargon and get to human answers to the business problems that can be solved with technology.  This week I went after blockchain.  There is so much buzz about this topic!  But what is blockchain, and why exactly is it so promising for our next generation technologies?  Check out my interview with Louis Etienne-Berube from Expertus technologies in Montreal to get a better grasp on what is happening in the blockchain world, and why it means something for you.