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Ready for the next step

Ready for the next stepDo you ever wake up mind numbingly tired? Not sure you can move, even though you are already behind for the day? Our lives and schedules frantic as we rush through our days going from one thing to another. And then there is this election going on and the aftermath- the horrendous discordant tone of the last 18 months has made me want to be physically ill. Thank goodness for online news so I could turn off the ads and the barrage of in your face screaming coming from both sides of the aisle. My inner Norwegian heritage says, "Uff-da!" 

The tone of it all has made me and many others I know feel like we have been forced to drink hemlock for the last 18 months. And I as a travel the world, the main question I get, “What is going on in the United States?” The general tone was that what was happening just wasn’t who we are. I appreciated the concerns of people in other countries watching this. Regardless of which side of the aisle you are on, I think we can all agree it’s been rough. Doesn't it just make you tired? I think many of us in the US might feel like this little guy:

Ready for the next step

This morning it was time to board an airplane to head to yet another conference where I will present as I continue to work on growing my business. Yet I feel a bit empty. Anyone else feel this way today?

Where do you go when you are looking for hope? Where do you go when you need inspiration? It’s a question I ask myself often as the little entrepreneur building her consulting practice, writing, speaking, and podcasting.  And while I love all of it- fantastic clients, great editors, wonderful podcast guests, there aren’t enough hours in the day. How do you get the strength to carry on in the middle of the chaos? How do we be resilient and keep putting one foot in front of another?

The resurgence of my spirit this morning started very simply- with the kindness of those around me.

1.      Thank you to my husband for nudging me along and keeping me moving so I would make that flight on time. Sorry we didn’t get to the airport in time for breakfast at French Meadow bakery. Seriously- French Meadow is an awesome place to eat at MSP airport for anyone who travels. Check it out.

2.      Thank you TSA agent- you didn’t freak out when I explained it was a podcasting microphone in that carry on. From the look on your face, that was something new coming through the scanner. Thanks for being kind and civil about it and not treating me like a criminal.

3.      Thank you saucy Caribou coffee team making it happen and pumping out the orders at the Minneapolis St Paul airport. It made me smile while I watched you banter. I know you don’t get paid enough- thanks for being awesome anyway.

4.      Thank you kind stranger at gate B4 for letting me know where we were in the boarding process and not giving me a disgusted look for being late and having the nerve to ask a stranger a question. I appreciated your kindness when I was so very tired this morning.

5.      Thank you Delta flight attendant for keeping my coffee filled, even though I was only in coach this morning. And for having a kind smile while doing it. Stopping back with “sugar?” “Cream?” and offering them up like they were secret contraband. It made me smile.

As I embrace one more business trip, I remember it’s the little things. The small kindnesses and authentic conversations with other people that propel me forward. And I feel this little ball of energy rising up and ready to tackle the week.

In a turbulent time in our country, this is where I will start. One human authentic conversation at a time. Kind service to others in the small gestures. Listening first instead of shouting to make sure we are heard. I challenge you to consider where you will start to heal the damage of the last 18 months. SAP Insight conference and Dallas Fort Worth ASUG chapter here I come. Armed with chocolate, a welcoming smile, and ready for some great conversations!

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#1 Happy to hear it helped! Your comment brightened my day. Thank you!

John Kirish 10/11/2016 · #1

Thank you for sharing, I can also feel some energy bubbling up