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Thanksgiving road trip boredom busters

Thanksgiving road trip boredom busters

I know you've been busy. You've been meaning to listen, and are eager for new ideas. But you've got a problem. You're a binge listener. It's okay- me too. But I have you covered. Just in time for that Thanksgiving roadtrip- We now have four episodes of Thriving at the Crossroads podcast for your podcast playlist! 

In our first four episodes, we run the gamut on innovation and technology. As I look around- it's everywhere, if you know where to look! And that's the fundamental problem for most companies. Where should I look? I don't have time to be constantly scouting new technology- I'm just trying to keep up with the current pile.

That's my part in this podcast- filtering ideas for you and bringing you the best, most innovative companies out there that you have probably never heard of. So who did we interview in the first four podcasts?

Sezzle- this innovative payment provider just closed a $1.8 million funding round to further grow their platform. I was talking with Sezzle about their Shopify launch before many in the local media were talking about it. We're talking great innovation utilizing existing ACH transactions. If credit card fees are killing your P/L, you have to listen to this conversation. We'll have them back on the show as they get further with their Shopify pilot. Listen to their episode here.

Apruve- Credit management can feel like it is still done on stone tablets. Faxes and paper abound- how is that supposed to work for B2B e commerce? How did you get a revolving line of credit for B2B ecommerce? These guys have it figured out. It's time for Credit Management as a Service. Listen to their episode here.

Vroozi- does Mobile, Procurement and SAP feel like an unrealistic dream you are chasing? Vroozi does what we demand in the B2C space, mobile everything, and brings it to the B2B space. All in a platform that integrates to your backend systems. Listen to their episode here.

Scale Computing- a data center in a box? Getti