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Excellent Tips and Treatment Options to Outwit Your Allergies This Season

Excellent Tips and Treatment Options to Outwit Your Allergies This Season

Your allergies are getting ready to attack you this season and make your life miserable again. The routine of taking medicines and facing discomfort is all set to come back to you again. However, with some awareness, you do have the ability to write a different story this season. The following are some excellent tips and treatment options to outwit your allergies this season-

1. Exercise indoors- if you love walking, running and jogging in the local park, you will be susceptible to allergens and mould spores. Try working out indoors and do if you need to go out, check the pollen counts before you venture out. The moment you minimise your exposure, risks to allergens decrease.

2. Dust mites- Soak rugs, bed linens and carpets in hot water about 130 degrees Fahrenheit or more to kill mites. It is prudent for you to cover the floor with rugs and carpets that can be washed. It is prudent for you to clean the home and dust it often with a damp cloth. For pillows and mattresses, ensure you get allergy proof zipper covers.

3. Pets- If pet lovers visit you with their furry babies, ensure the chairs and couches are vacuumed after they leave. Even their clothes might carry the hair of their pets and so it is prudent for you to clean the house once they leave to avoid allergens settling in.

4. Battling indoor mould- Mould spores outside do find a way to drift into your home and this is why it is important for you to invest in a good dehumidifier this season. Areas in your home that are prone to dampness and moisture are the places where mould breeds. Keep few house plants and wash the mats of your bathroom regularly.

5. Clothes- Wear cotton clothes so that your body can breathe and not collect sweat and bacteria. Synthetic clothes tend to rub against one another and they create electricity that attracts pollen to them. Cotton is a natural fabric and it remains dry. When you wash your clothes, toss them in the dyer and do not hang them on the clothesline. Avoid contact with your eyes and always wear good quality good sunglasses when you step out in the sun. This will shield your eyes from airborne irritants.

6. Gardening- Do not step out in the garden so much for mowing the lawn or checking on the plants during the day. Get someone to mow the lawn and keep the grass short. This will attract less pollen. In case, you have a compost heap, you should remove it from your garden or else mould will start breeding here.

Last but not the least, keep yourself clean by scrubbing and showering often. Use good quality soap or shower gel. Pollen and mould spores might settle on your eyebrows, skin, eyelashes and hair. Wash your hands every time you come back into the house. Shower before bed and right after yard or garden work to remain free of allergens! Remember to try these home remedies to avoid allergens but also remember if you need treatment for allergy you need to visit your local doctor or allergy consultant and find the source of the problem.