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How Lifestyle Choices Affect Our Metabolism?

How Lifestyle Choices Affect Our Metabolism?

The human body is endowed with self-serving systems that augment performance, functionality and sustainability. While this sounds mechanistic and one may be lured into drawing an analogy between the human body and mean machines, it is true that the human body has an edge over machines. Humans are gifted with metabolic processes to convert calories into energy. A regressive metabolic rate allows calories consumed through food and beverages to settle down in the body as fat. A proportionate metabolic rate strikes a balance between calorie intake and energy expenditure. A healthy and progressive metabolic rate converts the excess of energy over and above that required for maintaining the BMR (basic metabolic rate) to convert into expendable energy.

As humans, we are the custodians and moderators of our metabolism rates. A healthy life calls for regular conversion of calorie intake into energy expenditure, such that there is minimal consolidation of body fat. Yet challenges exist. Our lifestyle choices affect our metabolism rates and determine among many things, our dynamism and enterprise at work, body weight gain, blood sugar levels, stamina, speed, blood cholesterol levels and muscle power. Given that there is a clear proportionality between our lifestyle choices and metabolism rates, the following smart lifestyle hacks should be more than a handful in ensuring sound health.

Know The Nutritional Content of Your Food

It may appear subversive if not paradoxical, that most people, including the educated ones do not care to know about the nutritional content of food items that they eat. They also do not care to know the calorific value of the food items. Drop nurturing a compassion for ignorance of vital information on food. Read the content on the ingredients, nutritional value and calorific value of food before buying them. While processed and packaged foods are mandatorily required to share such information, one has to research on his own on whole grains, cereals and vegetables to know the specific particulars. Choose the food items that you eat with full consciousness of its effects.

Know Your Average Daily Energy Requirement

Assuming that your work involves local travel or living out of a suit case, late night stays at office, business lunches and work on the laptop for a constant number of hours, try to standardize the average daily energy requirement beyond sustaining the basic metabolic rate (BMR). Use health apps to get a meticulously researched data. Not knowing the total energy requirement is a crime. Once the average daily energy requirement for a routinized lifestyle is known, it sets the tone for nutrition advisory and diet planning in accordance with one’s lifestyle to match calorific value intake to the energy requirement for a healthy metabolism.

Choose an Exercise Routine That Benefits Your Age, Food Habits and Time Engagements

Conventional wisdom suggests that one must exercise. There are associated questions to answer before proceeding. What is your age? What are your food habits? Do you have sufficient space at home, in the garden or the terrace to exercise? Do you have a joggers’ park nearby? How long does it take to commute from your residence to the park? How much time can you devote to warm up, cardio vascular exercises and power training? There are person specific factors as well. Do you suffer from any chronic disease? Have you suffered an accident that has left a bone fractured or a muscle strained? Incorporate all these factors in scheduling your exercise routine. Doctors recommend a minimum of 30 minutes for a meaningful workout routine that improves the metabolism.

Curate Your Daily Diet to Replace Deep Fries and Artificial Sugars with Proteins

Once you know the calorific value of food items that you have been eating, the energy requirement for your work routine and exercises, it is time to look for improvement areas in the diet. Knowing the particulars that you need to chop off the menu and incorporating new items that add value to health, is the key. Identify food items like deep fries, artificial sugars and high cholesterol content food items. Be ruthless on your taste buds and mercilessly say good bye to the inventories that no longer add value to your metabolism. Add proteins instead. Proteins enhance muscle quality for effective calorie burn out during exercise and at work. Think of pulses, boiled white meats and fish.

Add Green Veggie Content to the Diet for Fibre and Iron Intake

While changing your dietary intake, go slow. A cold turkey approach is not always sustainable. You may feel lethargic and lazy at work. Thus replace the food items wisely to maintain calorie requirements and muscle power for exercising. Introduce fresh green leafy vegetables like peas, broccoli, cauliflower and spinach to your diet. Keep a three –month observation period to watch the progress in your metabolism.

Drop Alcohol Intake to Minimal Levels

Boozing gives people an unparalleled pleasure. The successful closing of a deal at work, a new client acquisition, a productive resolution of a client challenge and others are excuses that we look for, to pamper ourselves to open the bottle of champagne. It is in your best interests to quit alcohol completely. Instead, be a sport. Organize a friendly football match on the weekend or in the evening. Wear your favourite Real Madrid jersey, run hard on the football turf and chase your opponents to snatch the ball from them and break into sweat. Watch the smile on the face of your child, when he watches his dad slog it out like a fighting fit man. While this is easier said than done, have the will power to at least keep your booze restricted to a peg a night. Switch to health red wine that keeps your heart healthy. Your family deserves a lean and fighting fit man.

Quit Smoking Steadily Instead of Using a Cold Turkey Approach

The cigarette that you light, keeps up the metabolism rate. Yet, the losses far outweigh the benefits. When smokers decide to quit smoking at one go, they experience a drop in metabolism rate. Many smokers that decide to quit using the cold turkey approach try to substitute their abandoned habit of smoking with new food habits like binge eating to satisfy the craving of their taste buds. The nicotine content in cigarettes accounts for the addiction to smoking and makes it difficult for smokers to quit. When you decide to quit, adopt a slow and steady evolutionary downgrading of your nicotine intake to maintain the metabolism rate of your body. Switch to alternatives like vaping that allows you to choose the nicotine levels, reduce the nicotine intake progressively with the passage of time and eventually bring it down to zero. This way you get to maintain a healthy metabolism rate even as you inch closer towards the goal of a smoke free life.

Despite all the good interests in sharing advisory and knowing facts, people find it difficult to execute changes in their real lives. The will power to pull through a lifestyle change holds the key. Remember, the peace and composure that you bring to your parents, wife and children is the most valuable thing in your life. Be a hero to your family and lead by example for them to be proud of you. Hope, these lifestyle hacks get the better of your will power, for you to move towards a healthy metabolism and a productive life.