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Hill’s Heroes Vol 1

Hill’s Heroes Vol 1Hill’s Heroes Vol 1
By Malcolm Snook
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Napoleon Hill’s iconic book ‘Think And Grow Rich continues to be read today. It’s a best seller of the most enduring kind. The secrets he distilled from the great men of his day still fascinate us even in our new technological age. A technological age that was in effect launched by several of the men in this book. Thomas Edison invented the electric light bulb, without which there would not have been an electricity generating industry and by extension no need to invent all those electrical devices we so depend on now.

The Wright Brothers are here, pioneers of powered flight; where would we be without aircraft? Stuck at home or travelling rather more sedately is the answer. Pioneer of the telephone Alexander Graham Bell is here and Henry Ford who brought the motor car to the masses. The names of men like these are known to us, but in many cases their lives, their work and achievements, their personalities are not so familiar any more.