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Murder Beyond The Milky Way

Murder Beyond The Milky WayMurder Beyond The Milky Way
By Eric B. Ruark
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In the distant future, countries do not exist. Earth Prime is controlled by 5-mega Corporations that have cut the galaxy up into spheres of influence.

At the edge of explored space in the void between the known and the unknown, a group of enterprising miners have discovered Magnum-4, a planet of vast wealth. The planet is so isolated that the corporations know only of its existance, not its potential. The miners intend to keep it that way. Planting themselves in their terraformed biospheres, they intend to mine Magnum-4 down to its nickel core, keeping the planet’s wealth for themselves. To achieve their ends, they have created a “perfect” society ruled over by a vigilance committee that takes no prisoners.

The vigilance committee is ruled over by Steve Somerset a former pirate. His lover is Lydia Thompson, Third Prime of the Directorate, one of the 5 Earth Prime mega corporations.

Young Harry Salem has been given the dubious job of talking Lydia into returning to Earth Prime to resume her corporate duties. Lydia, of course, has other plans. But everyone’s plans come to a screeching halt when Steve is found murdered in his estate’s garden.

The only way Harry can get Lydia to return to Earth Prime is to find out who killed Steve. The only problem is… Harry is an information geek and not a detective. But a swift kick in the ass from someone whom even the vigilance committee fears changes that forcing Harry to find a way to get the job done.