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Cricketers vs Boredom: The Match of the Year

Cricketers vs Boredom: The Match of the Year

The victims of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to grow in number with each passing day. With the rising number of confirmed cases, the days of self-isolation for many people increase. It also means another day that cricket fans and players are without their favourite sport. 

A couple of weeks into self-quarantine and you might have already found it boring without cricket match odds to keep you occupied. The days have merged into one and it’s getting harder to come up with ways to stay occupied as the lockdowns continue. On the other hand, cricketers have come up with a few creative ways to fight off their boredom. They have taken to their phones to keep you entertained and showcase nifty ways you can do to remain fit while isolated at home. 

Jofra Archer took to the popular video posting app, TikTok, and posted a hilarious video about forgetting that he’s in self-isolation. Cow Corner podcast, Shropshire’s cricket podcast, made an analogy about the COVID-19 pandemic using Stokes, NHS and Jack Leach as points of references.

Another trend spreading through the cricket community is the ‘Round the World’ challenge where players can also nominate other players to participate. Freya Ruth Davies showed that there are still plenty of ways to keep up with skills training even with the COVID-19 pandemic.

She posted a video of herself honing her skills on the art of bouncing the ball on her bat and catching it with her neck as a finisher. She also challenged her friends and fellow cricketers Claire Nicholas, Danielle Gibson and Heather Knight. Danielle Gibson answered the challenge with a video of her own where she finished the challenge with a cheeky hat catch.

Cambridgeshire’s cricket team took to their Instagram to post an epic and hilarious recreation of the World Cup final with the use of a toilet paper roll. Ben Stokes, on the other hand, retweeted a video captured by a young fan’s father where the 6-year-old can be seen performing a reverse sweep. 

Sophie Luff got creative with her practices at home by using garden furniture and roof tiles to help her train. Tom Banton and Kane Williamson even tried involving their dogs. Banton’s black labrador was not interested at all while Williamson’s Sandy caught the ball like her professional dad.

There are also some players that shared their workout routines and some tips through their socials. James Anderson posted a video of him staying in shape with the help of his daughters. Jos Butler, on the other hand, is helping his wife, Louise, demonstrate simple Pilates exercises. 

They also shared some videos that display how the implemented lockdowns affected players. One example is the hilarious video posted by Shikhar Dhawan where you can see him doing household chores. He’s engrossed in his role as he sits inside the tub doing the laundry while his wife, Aesha, is applying make-up by the sink mirror. On the next cut, he can be seen brushing the toilet while his wife is talking on the phone, holding a roll of paper that she uses to pretentiously hit her husband. 

The boredom and lack of options had your favourite cricketers come up with creative ways to alleviate their boredom. Not being able to bet your favourite cricket match odds might make your day a little boring, but there are lots of other things to do. There may be a lot of downsides being stuck at home, but these cricketers are proof that you can make the most of any situation. Look at the bright side, fun only needs a little bit of creativity to happen.