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Australia PR Visa Cost and the Document Checklist for 189 Visa – A Quick guide

Australia is one of the best countries in the entire world to start a new life due to its excellent quality of life index. It always tops the list because it has great access to high-quality education, high standard of living, huge life expectancy rate and last but not least social economic well-being. Moreover, the friendly immigration policies and the immigrant-friendly attitude of the Australian Government is what makes this country best of all.

The skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189 is one of the fastest and the easiest pathways to get hold of the Australian PR Visa without any hitch. You just need to score a minimum of 65 points in the points assessment grid. These points are evaluated on the basis of certain yardsticks such as age, work experience, educational qualification, and many more. So, if you want to experience a stress-free journey, you can apply for the 189 Visa.

There are certain documents that you need to submit if you want to apply for this 189 subcategory. Have a look and collect all these documents well-in-advance so that you don’t face any hassle at a later stage.

· 189 Visa Application Form

· A Valid Proof of Identity

· A Positive Skills Assessment Report

· Test Results of the IELTS Language Proficiency Test

· Evidences showing your relevant work experience

· 2 Passport-Sized Coloured Photographs

· Educational Certificates

· Evidences of Australian Study Requirements (if any)

· Documents reflecting your relationship status

· A Medical certificate showcasing that you’ve a clean bill of health

· A Police Clearance Certificate showing you’ve a good character

· Any other documents required by the Australian Authorities

*Note to Remember: Keep all the documents ready in your palms, so that you don’t face any delays.

What is the Cost for Australian PR?

“How much money is required to apply for Australian PR?” is one of the most important questions that might trigger your mind if you want to immigrate to Australia. The total cost depends upon the type of visa you choose. Right from the visa application fees to the English Language test fees, you need to pay every fee, if you want to Kangaroo Land without any hassle.

The overall cost that you need to spend for Australian PR lies somewhere in between 300,000 to 450,000, depending upon your family size and the visa category you’re applying under.

Below-mentioned is a list of the Fees that you to pay if you want to enter the beautiful world of Kangaroos and Koalas.
Australia PR Visa Cost and the Document Checklist for 189 Visa – A Quick guide

Keep in mind that the skills assessment test depends upon your occupation that you’ve selected, and moreover, on the assessing authority. The medical examination fees is not fixed, however, it varies from case to case and depends upon the test.

There are other costs too that you need to bear when it comes to accommodation. As far as now, there is no need to showcase your proof of funds, however, it might change as per the change in policies.

Please note that the cost of the PR changes periodically. So, keep in mind that if the cost of application increases between the date of filing and the time it reaches the immigration department. In this scenario, you’ll have to pay the application fees as per the new charges. So, in order to stay updated with the recent fees, you need to stay updated about the latest Australia Immigration News, so that you don’t miss out on anything important.

Final Words

Before you fly to Kangaroo land, make sure you’ve paid the right amount of fees and met all the requirements that’re required. If you’re taking the pathway of subclass 189, then you need to make sure that you’ve a minimum of 65 points, so that the entire process becomes a piece of cake for you.

As a matter of fact, always try to score higher as higher the scores, higher are the chances to get an invitation from DHA under the skilled independent Visa. Good Luck!