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Here’s All You Need to Know About the PR Visa for Australia

If you’ve decided to immigrate to a new country, then you’ve probably taken one of the ballsy moves that can take your future to great heights. Nowadays, everyone wants to have a safe and secured future. Isn’t it? Every year, a chiliad of immigrants migrates to this beautiful country for exploring better career opportunities and diversified job prospects.

So, if you want to migrate to Australia, you must have a proper knowledge about the type of visas under which you can apply. Apply for the visa that allows you to become a permanent resident of Australia. You can apply for this visa from any corner of the world.

Here’s All You Need to Know About the PR Visa for Australia

Well, if you don’t know the whole immigration process, all you can do is avail the professional services from the fastest-growing immigration consultancies, who’ll better guide you through the whole Australian PR process from beginning to give you a beautiful end.

It’s always better to stay updated with the policies and procedures, so that the whole Australia Immigration process becomes a cakewalk for you. Prior to moving to Australia, you must have a profound knowledge as to what is the PR Visa, what are its benefits and so and forth.

Now, what is Australia’s Permanent Residency?

Australian PR Visa is a type of visa that grants you the permission to live and work anywhere in Australia. After getting the PR Visa Australia in hand, you can live anywhere you want and avail all the benefits that an Australian citizen gets. However, as a permanent resident, you’re not allowed to take part in any voting activity.

Perks of Becoming an Australian Permanent Residence

· Work and live freely anywhere you want in Australia

· Avail all the top-notch healthcare facilities

· Get the basic education free of cost

· Apply for Australian Citizenship after living in Australia for 3 years

· Sponsor your relatives or your family member for Permanent Residence

What are the Pre-Requisites for Becoming a Permanent Resident of Australia

The immigration process of Australia is a point-based system. If you’re interested, then you need to follow the point-based system. Well, the subclass 189, 189 and 489 are the three visa categories that’re point-based. The minimum requirement for which is 65 points.

Now, the requirements that you need to meet are as follows:

Note: These requirements are only applicable for skilled migration visas that’re point-tested.

· Gather all your Pertinent Documents

At the time of submitting your PR application, you need to upload all your pertinent documents showcasing your academic qualification, employment documents, travel documents, skill select assessment and the language proficiency test results (score card).

· Choose the Migration Category that Suits you the Best

There is a list of different migration visas such as the subclass 190, 189, 491, 489 and so on. Meet the requirements of the one under which you want to apply.

· Skill Nomination

The skills that you possess should be nominated under the Skilled Occupation List Australia, if you’re taking the route of skilled or business migrations category for Australia’s Permanent Residence.

· An Expression of Interest (EOI)

This is applicable for the folks applying under the skilled or the business migration category. Under this, you need to submit an EOI, reflecting your interest in work and intention to live in Australia on a permanent basis. It is done via an online platform i.e. the skill select.

Post that, your EOI will be reviewed by the immigration authorities of Australia and after that a nomination from a state or an Australian employer is extended to you.

· A Proper Health Check-Up

As an applicant for the Australian PR Visa, you must prove that you’ve a clean bill of health. It is done to ensure that whether you’ll be a right fit for Australia or not.

· Character Certification

As per this, you need to prove that you’ve a good character and will be a good fit who can contribute towards the economy and development of the states and territories as a whole. For this, you need to submit the PCC (Police Clearance Certificate) reflecting that you’ve no criminal records in the past or in the past.

Eager to Know How much Time it Will Take for Your Australian PR Application to get Processed?

Well, the processing times for Australian PR Visa depends upon the type of visa you choose, be it subclass 190, 189 or any other. There are some of the factors that decide the processing time for the Australian PR Visa such as:

· Cross check of any work experience that you’ve included

· Time taken revert back for the query been asked by the concerned authorities

· Time taken to validate your documents and to audit the information you’ve provided

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