Important Security Guidelines for Android Users

Number of Android phone users is increasing with the advent of smart phones as it is offering the ease of accessibility to day to day things. You can find multiple features, functionalities, mobile applications and more in android app development services to access your all tasks effectively. But to store and manage all the data you need to have enough security features and Android offers sufficient security and safety to all the data.

If you use an android device, there are various threats to your Smartphone’s data that you are probably concerned about. And we need not to say that you want to keep your Android Mobile Phone safe. Take it easy, it’s not a complicated and costly process. Here are few steps to protect your device from threats without spending a big amount of money. Have a look:Important Security Guidelines for Android Users

Google has been offering several security guidelines, in which, downloading applications from Google Play Store tops the rank. It’s a secure way and except this you can also switch to other secure alternatives like Amazon Underground, Samsung and other hardware manufacturer app stores. If you like apps from other third-party sources than check the reviews & vet the app maker before downloading it form the source.

· Always keep a security app in your Smartphone, if you don’t have the one then download it. Because it protects your phone or tablet from malware. Many security apps are robust and offer free version. You can try AVG, Caspersky, Avast and etc.

· You can Root your phone as it allows you to control your device. It combines installing robust security software, provides access to Android software updates, which combines security patches often. It’s a great way to avoid Android vulnerabilities to keep your software update.

· You should keep a password, pattern, pin or fingerprint lock up your screen. Every time you use your phone, you need to unlock your phone again & again. It may seem annoying.

· You can set up the Android device manager a