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Manners maketh the man/woman (for Dummies)

Manners maketh the man/woman (for Dummies)

My beloved late Grandfather taught me that "manners maketh a man" and that people will always judge you according to your manners. How right he was!

 Nowhere are manners more important than in the business world. When I was a scholar in high school we were taught how to write business letters as part of our English Language classes. We were taught to start a letter with "Dear Sir/Madam" and to end it with "Yours sincerely." I am always shocked and a little slighted when I receive an email from someone I've never met before who starts their letter with "Hey!" Hey? If my Grandfather was still around he'd sternly say "Are you a donkey? Because hay is for donkeys."  

 "Please" and "Thank you" were drummed into us from a very early age. If your request lacks a simple "please" it is interpreted as a demand and nobody is open to demands. It's just downright arrogant. If someone has taken the trouble to write you an email complimenting you for a post well written or a job well done, or leaves a positive comment under a post you shared, it's good manners to thank them for the compliment, right? 

 In this digital world where competition is so fierce, the snoozers are the losers. If you are in business make a point of answering your emails daily.  If you cannot do that due to traveling, illness or vacation then have the good manners to activate an auto response. And for heaven's sake, if you are late in responding to an email, have the good manners to start your response with an apology for your tardiness. I am always shocked when people take a week to respond to a request for a quotation!

 I recently pitched on a project in a territory I don't usually work in, and had to make use of a local service provider I'd never worked with before. By the time we finally delivered the quotation and directors treatments to the client I was pulling my hair out with frustration. The service provider in question had the worst business manners I've encountered in a long time. Emails went ignored, the quotation was riddled with over-charges, vital information was not forthcoming, etc, etc. Would I ever work with him again? Never. Would I ever recommend him to anyone else?