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Unveiling The Top Notch Live Streaming App of 2018

What is live streaming app?

Live streaming – is a live broadcast of all actions occurring on a particular device. It allows thousands of users to watch in real time what makes an interesting person. The most popular social media apps as Facebook, Instagram and Periscope launched live streams to allow users show their activity in real time.

Just imagine that you can virtually visit the show of your favorite rock star by just watching it online on your smart device.

Who needs live streaming apps?

Live streaming can be used not only for fun. Being so popular, it can be used by businesses as a marketing tool for promotion. Statistics say that actual video content is the most trending now so it’s a good idea to start your first broadcast! Live video will surely attract the attention of new clients and keep the existing ones.

If you are either a person who is interested in starting a live streaming app as a sole business, or a business person who is all set and wanna integrate live streaming as an additional option to improve your business, or a person who willing to improve your business by using live streaming as a marketing tool, then you are reading the right article here and definitely it's gonna be useful to you. Whoever you are before you purchase a live streaming script you have to look for a few features which will help you a lot to improve your business.

Unveiling The Top Notch Live Streaming App of 2018

Top Live Video Streaming Apps in the Market

  • Facebook

  • YouNow

  • Stream

  • Periscope

  • Livestream

  • Snapchat Live Stories.

  • Streamup

  • Hang w/

  • Stringwire

  • Houseparty

  • Ustream

How live streaming used for business:

  • Share Live Events

  • Host Interviews

  • Show How You Create a Product

  • Give a Behind-the-Scenes Look

  • Conduct Training

  • Host Q&A Sessions

  • Online trainings like How To videos.

  • Paid stream of a culinary class.

  • Connecting with smart devices in your house to look after pets/children/housemaid (using IoT).

  • Marketing purposes.

Benefits of live streaming for businesses:

  • Reaching Highly Targeted Niches

  • Wider Audience Potential

  • High Quality Streams

  • Ease and Convenience

  • Real Time Engagement

  • It’s Cheap and Affordable

  • Takes Less Time To Produce

  • Customer Support.

Most Wanted Features:

  • Video from your broadcast must be available to viewers for 24 hours after it ends.

  • Viewers must be able to text chat with broadcaster during live broadcast.

  • App should let broadcasters record and post their live streams to YouTube.

  • Should allow users to live stream on a web page and send followers there.

  • App should allow users to set up their own channel, invite others to stream live to it, and manage which live stream is broadcast.

  • Also should allow to integrate their own account to YouTube and live stream there.

These are pretty advanced features that'll be fun to experiment with.

I would recommend a great live streaming app which is getting ready with all the above-mentioned features, benefits and with monetization modules. We are pretty much happy to announce that the beta version of our Live Streaming App will be out by 1st of March which users can watch broadcasters from different countries. Also, if you are a good chatter or have any kinds of talent, you could gather fans or follower there.

Final Words

As the launching is gonna be real soon we have planned to provide a pre-launch offer named “Early Bird” offer of 20% for the users who are showing their interest by Subscribing with us. We will send the offer details through a newsletter and provide more surprises along with it. So, we suggest you subscribe right away and wait until March 1st for the launch. We promise that you will never be disappointed.