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A Friendly Reminder: Use Your Time Wisely and Intentionally

A Friendly Reminder: Use Your Time Wisely and Intentionally

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Earlier this week I had the pleasure of enjoying lunch with a good friend whom I hadn't seen in some time. He's a super sharp, creative guy I admire a great deal, who is an all-around rock star, personally and professionally.

Months ago, he started voicing some discontent in his professional life. The company and his colleagues were great, but he was beginning to feel like he had accomplished all he could there. He was getting frustrated, and began to ask himself "what's next?". Though we exchanged emails on the topic, it wasn't until we sat down to lunch that he revealed the very deliberate action plan he took to answer that question.

In the course of catching up, it occurred to me that he had done — and was in the midst of doing — something extraordinary: using his time wisely and intentionally to accomplish his goals.

While this may not sound like Earth-shattering news, take a moment to consider what you've done for the last few months, or even in 2016. How about last week?

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