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Give it A Shot, My Son Did & He Taught Me, Anything is Worth A Shot, It is What You Put Into It That Warrants The Reward

Give it A Shot, My Son Did & He Taught Me, Anything is Worth A Shot, It is What You Put Into It That Warrants The Reward Parents were asked to write a parent testimony for our high school wrestling team. Figured it may not be such a bad idea to share on LinkedIn as well given that some of the most valuable lessons my son has learned as a wrestler will carry him through his life as a leader, times of failure, and moments of success. Much of what is discussed on here.

As a mother of four children you can imagine all four have similarities but overall different personalities. Chris, my oldest is 17 years old and is a junior at Bacon Academy High School. He is also one of the captains of the Bacon Academy Wrestling Team. To say the least I am incredibly proud of Chris but I am far prouder of the journey that Chris has taken to earn his place on the wrestling team. Chris has always been a very humble child and humble young man, one who never enjoyed being in the “spotlight” nor “the center of attention”.

Chris played many sports throughout elementary school, he played soccer, baseball, football, basketball but none of them ever created a spark of passion in Chris. He was an average athlete, not a natural athlete, not the kid who would be a starter on the line up, not the leading QB on the football team he was the kid who joined teams more for the comradery and being a part of something than the skill or competition. By the time middle school came he chose not to play any sports other than baseball and it was his last year (6th grade) of baseball and his last year of playing sports. He began to withdraw more and more, he became quieter, he walked with his head down, shoulders slouched and very rarely had a genuine smile. The summer before his freshman year Chris tried a few weeks of wrestling at a summer program, it was the start of something new, a new path that would open many new doors.

Fast forward to Freshman year in high school. 

“Chris don’t forget wrestling signups are today. Yea Mom I know I will sign up” Later that afternoon, “Mom I didn’t sign up for wres