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5 common pieces of sales advice that you should ignore.

5 common pieces of sales advice that you should ignore.

I’m so sick of the word “thought leader”. Sometimes it seems like all you need to be one these days is an internet connection and an opinion, because as someone who has been a fanatic about sales for 20+ years, I see an awful lot of “thought leaders” who have been in the industry for 5 minutes spouting “wisdom” about sales that hasn’t ever proven to be true in my time in the field

Let’s be honest with ourselves, just because you have a killer following doesn’t mean you have insights that are thought leadership “worthy”.

That said, I know it’s hard to tell what really works if you’re new in this game (salesperson or startup leadership). So I thought it was important to take a few minutes to dispel some of these pieces of common advice that floats around in sales circles these days on the web.

But before I do, Jacco Van der Kooij makes a really good point in this article when he mentions that he opens his workshops with the question “What do you want to know about me?” His purpose is to challenge participants to validate that he is worth listening to for themselves.

So that said, I want to take a second to highlight the back story on this article and why the points I’m about to make are sound (i.e. why this isn’t coming from someone who just has an internet connection and opinion):

  • I have over 20 successful years in sales… and enterprise sales is my first love. One of my top achievements was taking a company from 2 Million to 20 Million in revenue in one year all by myself.
  • I actually polled my sales comrades (en