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Olympic Reflections, 3 MUST Takeaways For Sales Gold.

Olympic Reflections, 3 MUST Takeaways For Sales Gold.

It’s not really a secret to those who know me… I’m a total Olympics junkie. Winter or summer, I love watching athletes at the top of their game compete. 

I mean, can you think of a bigger stage or tougher challenge than winning gold at the Olympics? It’s literally the best of the best from every corner of the globe going head to head… and the entire planet is watching. SO MUCH IS AT STAKE!

I think some of my love for it has to do with the fact that I’m addicted to the way these athletes prepare and deliver under pressure. And I love learning from them… I’ve found that applying some of the things they do (mindsets, ideas, etc.) have helped me succeed in my own pursuits in sales and entrepreneurship too. 

There were a few stories in particular that stuck out to me during this year’s Olympics. Here are three things that I think salespeople must learn from this year’s Olympics if they want to crush it in sales. 

1. You’re Competing Against Yourself First And Foremost.

If there is one thing that Olympic athletes know they must do to have a shot at winning, it’s solid preparation leading up to the competition. Those who prepare the smartest and hardest are those with the best shot at standing center podium when the snow settles.

But since everybody prepares hard, what makes the difference for those who win?

Answer: execution. All the preparation in the world can’t win you gold unless you apply it when you need it most. And nowhere was this demonstrated more this year than with Czech snowboarder turned Super-G skier Ester Ledecka.

Ledecka entered the race ranked 43rd in the world and was considered by most to be a non-factor. Anna Veith (the leader at the time of her competition-ending run) was even celebrating her victory already before Ledecka started.

Then Ledecka blasted her way down the slopes and claimed gold right in the middle of it.

Sofia Goggia from Italy (who finished 11th) summed up what made the difference for her the best (courtesy of The NY Times): “She could never put it all together [before]. But today she did.”

I think the Super-G is actually a good representation of what we do as salespeople. All of us are trying to cross the finish line (hit our targets) as best we can. But I think many salespeople go about this the wrong way.

Ledecka could have psyched herself out with what ev