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Two reasons accomplished salespeople fail to land their next big gig.

Two reasons accomplished salespeople fail to land their next big gig.

Being in recruiting, I hear from a lot of people on daily basis about the struggles they have finding a new role in sales. I get it… there are a lot of moving parts in the courtship process that is the job search, and it’s tricky to get them all going in the right direction.

In fact, that’s exactly why I founded ATP in the first place – to help companies and candidates align themselves and set each other up for success!

That said, I’ve seen some troubling trends on the candidate side that are killing a lot of people’s chances for big opportunities and I want to help. It hurts to see some seriously talented people shoot themselves in the foot when it’s pretty simple to get right if you put in the right work ahead of the interview.

So here are the two main things I see salespeople fail to do that kill their chances for landing their next big gig.

1. They don’t know how to articulate their “why”.

Let's be honest... NOBODY is impressed by your resume alone anymore, especially with so many self-proclaimed “experts” around these days. So when it comes to finding a new gig, salespeople need to take some lessons from their marketing brothers and sisters across the cube farm.

Startups (or any growing company for that matter) want salespeople with vision (or a reason “why” they do what they do). And more importantly, they want salespeople who’s vision aligns with theirs and the results to back it up.

I can’t think of any better resource on the topic of vision than Simon Sinek. As he states at 5:39 in his TED talk, this is something of biological importance:

That’s why you need to have vision if you want a chance to land the best gigs. And, it’s why you need to be able to articulate it at a moment’s notice in an interview too. The best companies ARE looking for this, because they know it’s a marker of how you’ll sell their products or services too.

That said, the question isn’t always going to be as straightforward as “tell me your why.” So you need to know yours well enough that you can tie it