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Why Your Sales Team Is Your Startup’s Greatest Asset

Why Your Sales Team Is Your Startup’s Greatest Asset

If you’re a CEO or Founder of a startup, you’ve been lied to. Contrary to what you’ve been told, if you build it better, they will NOT come.

According to Inc., the inability to effectively bring a product to market with their sales strategies is the number one reason most startups fail. But the other side of that is, when marketing and sales are well-oiled machines, it’s also the number one reason startups see explosive growth too.

For example, (where I was an early member of the team and first field national sales rep) left competitors like SimplyHired, CareerBuilder and Monster in the dust exiting for north of $1 billion as a direct result of their savvy sales strategies (they spent next to nothing on advertising like the rest of their competitive landscape). 

In fact, this is almost always where growth occurs. Do you think Cisco would’ve acquired AppDynamics for $3.7 billion if they didn’t have a killer go to market strategy with impressive sales numbers? 

So if you’re a growth hungry startup, here are three reasons you need to really invest in your sales team like the asset they are.

They Are Your Customer Interface

Every startup founder or CEO should internalize this brilliant quote from Seth Godin (chant it daily if you must, I know I do):

“Companies should let the market decide what they make, not the other way around. They need to figure out how to plate what the market is interested in, as opposed to saying ‘We made this, how do we get people’s attention?’”

The simple, immutable fact of business is, you can’t sell what the market doesn’t want. You need feedback from your customers to provide what they’re craving.

Lucky for you, your sales team bridges the gap between your customer and your product every day.

If you want to grow, the key nuggets of wisdom that will help you turn your product into something that explodes in the marketplace are in the heads or your sales team (trust me – when there isn’t a good fit, they feel it immediately). 

So, if you’re not already, get feedback from your customers pouring in from your sales team. Create a system to do so and pro