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Here's a quick way to make meetings more fun!

Here's a quick way to make meetings more fun!

Happy day! Short post today.
I just want to share with you two tips to make meetings more fun!. And I'm particularly thinking about those meetings where geeks have to share their results with plain human beings... You know, mixed audiences make it even more difficult to find the appropriate tone.  
Being that a worldwide situation, our Development team has been thinking of how to overcome such problem and make our meetings more comprehensive and less Klingon-like. In one word, more fun!

So, they came out with the following ideas:

  • A Client Demo checklist, and
  • The Trump Mode.

Probably you can guess what a Client Demo checklist is, but... what about the Trump (yes, Donald) Mode?

If you want to know, just keep on reading Here's a quick way to make meetings more fun!

In a prior post, I told you about what actions we are doing to make our Company Values stick. During our last bunch-up, we decided that each month two Quarizmatics were going to promote one of our values. Jordi and Andrés, two regular writers in this blog and part of the Development Team,  chose _"We look at the company from the customer's perspective"_ to be their Quarizmi Value for the month of May.

Each pair of promoters decides which actions they will push and how they will involve the rest of the team. They are free. There are no boundaries or restrictions. It's absolutely up to them.
So well, here you are the first decisions Jordi and Andrés have made! I'm just copying the original message they uploaded to our Slack because it's cool and fun and very Quarizmatic!

How to make meetings more fun in two steps

Over the next few days, we will be sharing the details about all the activities we have planned. As usual, we hope they will be fun and interesting! Here's a quick way to make meetings more fun! Feel free to contact us at any time for all related questions.Today we have our first two announcements:

1) The *Client Demo Checklist