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The super short memories of a young sales junkie

In this post, I will write about my short experience as a young sales junkie and I'll try to give you some advice as well.  I know I'm a rookie salesman but believe me when I say that selling really blows me away and six months selling is the best university ever!

The super short memories of a young sales junkie

This is me!

My journey in Quarizmi started in September 2015 when I had just begun my 4th year of university. I am a student of the LEINN degree (Leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation). I came from a very different scenario, I was used to working with my classmates and in the university. Even though I hadn't had the typical life of a university student; implementing real entrepreneurial projects instead of swimming in an ocean of books and notes; working in Quarizmi was different.

I was freaking out! A company with such an experienced team in the field of online marketing and computer science was trusting on me.

I felt dizzy starting to work in something completely new to me and I also felt a great responsibility. They were trusting me and I was not going to disappoint them! I could fell the weight on my shoulders. 

Together with my best friend of the university, I was supposed to be the guy that would bring clients to Quarizmi, and at the same time maybe the one who had less knowledge of the product. It was a real challenge and it is still today.

Of course, I work in sales and I love it!. Business Development is the area I like most in any company. That’s what I am going to talk about today.

The super short memories of a young sales junkie

The super short memories of a young sales junkie

Why do I say I am a young sales junkie?

Because nothing happens before a sale is done!

Truth to be said, the sale is a very human moment. The core of a sell is that a person tries to give value to another to make his life better. In fact, we sell through our lives all the time. You sell yourself to attract the person you like, you sell your ideas while discussing with someone, and you sell your favourite rock band when explaining why is the best rock band ever.

If people like you, they’ll listen to you. If they trust you, they’ll make business with you - Zig Ziglar

So, going back to the environment of Quarizmi; when you are constantly repeating this process during months, you realise that people can create situations that make you learn from the human behaviour, and what’s more important, these situations make you learn from you.

So, what do I think when I am selling?

First of all, I am motivated. I believe in myself, in the product I am selling and that I will connect with the customer and its needs. And of course, I am willing to follow my schedule of the meeting, because I will perform a better sale. You are treating with a person, so the most important thing is to make this person trust you. Be kind, be honest, be straight, and make this person enjoy the sale! The best sales I’ve ever seen look like a conversation.

The super short memories of a young sales junkieWall Street Wolf

The super short memories of a young sales junkie

People don’t like to be sold, but they love to buy - Jeffrey Gitomer

Selling is not easy, you can´t make a sale to every contact you talk with, a lot of people will tell you that they are not interested, be prepared to be hit againsta wall sometimes. The normal proportion is that if you contact a hundred companies, ONE at least will buy from you.

If three companies buy from you, congratulations, your ratio is amazing!

So, it requires perseverance and determination.

When I contact any new company, I have clear in my mind that it is meaningful to do it so, even if he says no, it is another company that will help to fill the proportion.

So, I’ve got my rituals that help me perform better, my own techniques that help me stay motivated and focused. For example, the cold calls or the meetings are the moments where you have to use all your selling skills, so, like in any key moment, you have to get prepared for the event!

Before making cold calls, remember your sales argumentation, and what’s more important, remember that you play the game to win. You have to feel confident with yourself. Anything is useful: music, clips of movies…There you have some videos that I watch to get motivated!

Close, close, close! Always close!

Also, gotta remind that Quarizmi is a remote company, this means that I spend a lot of days working at home. And, believe me, it is hard! It is harder to get the “work work work” mindset… The fridge is just some steps close to you… So, I have learnt to educate my mind! While I am working at home, I don’t want to feel like at home. I want to feel that I am in a very comfortable and dynamic office, where the sales happen.

So, how do I do it?

I’ve got my own trick. It’s simple but amazing. I personally like how do I look with a blazer on, even though it is not a cloth that I use in my daily life. With my blazer and my sneakers on, I feel that I am going to work in a cool place, I feel professional and fresh at the same time. That’s my trick. Just a blazer, a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers at home. Superheroes got their own outfits to go to work! Why shouldn’t I when I am working at home?

Finally, there is one main thing that makes the difference in a salesman. If you are willing to sell because money is your core reason, your motivation will not keep that strong when things don’t work out, because reality, is that closing a deal is not an easy job.

Whether you are selling software, watches, shoes or cars; you must have a clear goal or motivation that is pushing you to do it better.

Ask yourself: How does this sale affect you positively? Leave away the money issue and you’ll find your own reason to empower yourself!

And, please leave us your comments if you would like to share your thoughts or own experiences 

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#1 Thanks Donna-Luisa for your kind words! :-)

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Ana Etxebarria...thanks for a very enthusiastic story! Sales is exciting, and rewarding. There is a lot more you will learn and I hope you will keep your eager positive attitude throughout your career, wherever it leads!

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