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The super short memories of a young sales junkie

In this post, I will write about my short experience as a young sales junkie and I'll try to give you some advice as well.  I know I'm a rookie salesman but believe me when I say that selling really blows me away and six months selling is the best university ever!

The super short memories of a young sales junkie

This is me!

My journey in Quarizmi started in September 2015 when I had just begun my 4th year of university. I am a student of the LEINN degree (Leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation). I came from a very different scenario, I was used to working with my classmates and in the university. Even though I hadn't had the typical life of a university student; implementing real entrepreneurial projects instead of swimming in an ocean of books and notes; working in Quarizmi was different.

I was freaking out! A company with such an experienced team in the field of online marketing and computer science was trusting on me.

I felt dizzy starting to work in something completely new to me and I also felt a great responsibility. They were trusting me and I was not going to disappoint them! I could fell the weight on my shoulders. 

Together with my best friend of the university, I was supposed to be the guy that would bring clients to Quarizmi, and at the same time maybe the one who had less knowledge of the product. It was a real challenge and it is still today.

Of course, I work in sales and I love it!. Business Development is the area I like most in any company. That’s what I am going to talk about today.

The super short memories of a young sales junkie