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WHAT IS COWORKING SPACE ?When you walk through one of these spaces, you will quickly realize that it feels different from a traditional office. The smell of freshly brewed coffee in the air is only surpassed by the electric atmosphere that the energetic coworkers bring to the place, with that mix formed by those who are more concentrated in the fixed stalls and those who strike up interesting conversations at long shared tables in the area. flexible. This is the culture of a coworking space .

These are essentially shared workplaces where the cooperative work philosophy is promoted. They are sites that offer an affordable space for professionals seeking to escape the isolation of their home office or a cafeteria . They all provide different services; from flexible or fixed positions, to meeting rooms, office rental, kitchen, coffee and much more. They often even offer a community. The occupants of these coworking spaces are usually freelancers, entrepreneurs, start-ups  who want to work in a flexible place that encourages the exchange of ideas.

The price is another of the great attractions . One of the advantages of these coworking spaces  is the possibility of renting only what you need , compared to a full office that can be more expensive, especially in large cities such as Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia.

The costs are usually flexible, both in daily and monthly rates. These expenses also differ depending on the type of service that is contracted, for example, between a flexible position or a fixed one. Coworking space Jakarta Pusat



The coworking space  offer the best of both worlds for this professional profile: one can choose own schedules and, secondly, out of isolation and loneliness . Otherwise, the self-employed would be forced to work alone at home or in a cafeteria, thus creating a sense of community that makes them a great ambassador for these types of spaces.


The start-ups appreciate the flexibility of the coworking space because they do not have the costs and commitments that can lead a traditional office . Small teams have the possibility to network , interact with coworkers and help other entrepreneurs find a co-founder to help them start their own start-up. You just have to connect the right people at the right times .


The coworking space  are perfect for these companies. The reason is that the managers of these spaces are in charge, not only of creating synergies between coworkers through events, talks, etc. but also with external professionals , which is of great help for the development of the SME.


Coworking spaces provide great flexibility for small and medium-sized businesses. There is a connection between what the space offers and the goals of freelancers and start-ups .

A group of researchers has carried out a study on the effects of coworking on productivity, the results of which can be seen in the Harvard Business Review magazine . This research demonstrates the great connection between professionals who work in shared spaces, compared to those who work in a conventional office. So much so that they decided to dig a little deeper into the subject and discovered that the attitudes of people who use coworking space  are different from other types of professionals, demonstrating more control, more meaningful work and an unprecedented sense of community.


Coworking spaces are proven to  work well with regular users. For this reason, there has been a recent adaptation of these places with a cooperative work mentality to attract large companies that, with a vision of the future, are already beginning to use these spaces whenever possible.

Companies like WeWork (which recently received a $ 16 billion valuation) are looking to attract larger-than-usual companies to their coworking spaces . According to Bloomberg data, firms such as KPMG , Merck or General Electric are already using their spaces. In the KPMG case, this company offers a strategic advantage by renting 75 positions, since it is involved in the community, advises new companies and investigates technological innovation projects.

For other professionals, the flexibility these spaces provide is an advantage, both in terms of administration and cost savings , as excessively long leases are not required.


Once large companies join a new trend, their logical progression is to internalize the practice . Are we going to see facility managers creating coworking space  within their own offices? In that case, the most important success factor will be your ability to replicate the culture of these places.

The spirit of shared spaces is conducive to organic collaboration and building relationships with other coworkers . This is their core value as they allow different people, with unique skills and talents, to connect and collaborate.