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Significance Of Sending Different Types Of Flowers To Your Loved Ones

With the intoxicating fragrance, alluring colors and positivity, flowers lend us great joy. This is the reason why most of the people consider flowers as therapeutic not just for the senses but also for our life. Flowers are really effective in brightening up the days of the sick people, cheering up the sad souls, and also in mending the broken relationships. Besides, flowers also suggest the most precious and deepest feelings. And this is why; flower gifts are so powerful even after being so silent.

Significance Of Sending Different Types Of Flowers To Your Loved Ones

Besides, there are some flowers specific to every emotion and mood and these flowers work wonderfully on the best occasions of your life. For instance, there are happy flowers that can spread joy and warmth in the ambiance, romantic flowers that can arouse passion, and there are flowers that can offer comfort during melancholy. So, gifting the right flowers at the right time can be really significant and appealing. And this also allows people to cherish your thoughtful gestures for the rest of life.

So, if you are in search of good flower delivery in Bangalore service to send flowers to your loved ones on their special days, you need to know about the flowers that work as the universal favorites.

1. Orchids: These exotic flowers mainly symbolize femininity. Besides, each stem of this flower is considered to be the ideal gift of romance. Although these are the most expensive flowers available, these are highly desired. The best part of orchids is that these are available in almost 3000 varieties. So, nothing can be more romantic than a bunch of colorful orchids tied with a beautiful bow.

2. Roses: Considered as the flower of Aphrodite- the Greek goddess of love, rose tops the list of romantic flowers. Among all the shades of roses, red roses are perfect for articulating passion and romantic love. On the other hand, white roses symbolize chastity and purity, yellow roses symbolize friendship and orange roses symbolize intense desire. So, if you want to bring magic in a relationship, gift that person a single stem rose or a bunch of dozen of roses of his/her favorite color.

3. Carnations: Carnations mainly hold great importance to admiration and love. Besides, carnations also signify good luck and fascination. So, these are the best thing to be gifted when you want to wish someone good luck on their special days. You can gift carnations to your family members on the special days like mother’s day, father’s day, teacher’s day etc.

4. Lilies: This is one of the earliest grown ornamental flowers and the look and feel of this flower is really heartwarming. The yellow lilies symbolize joy and gaiety and the white ones symbolize purity. Besides, lilies convey romantic sentiments like the relationships that last for long. As lilies are the perfect example of a classic romantic flower, therefore these are ideal to be gifted at the wedding functions. You can combine these flowers with a beautiful gift that you can purchase from the online gift stores that offer same day delivery gifts Bangalore.

5. Gerberas: Gerberas create a delightful sight as the giant heads of these flowers are beautified by the soft petals in some psychedelic shades. The vibrant looks of these flowers make these favorable for different occasions. So, you can select gerberas of any shade and present to your near and dear ones on their special days to create a memory that lasts for the lifetime.


The gesture of gifting flowers is no more limited to some special occasions. You can gift flowers to your special ones anytime to express your heartfelt feelings without any words. So, with your thoughtfulness and the selection of right flowers, you can make one’s day really special.