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Wargaming Germany

Wargaming GermanyToday I went on the event organized by hashtag#games:net which hosted a special guest Rinaldo Andreolli, the Managing Director of Wargaming Germany. The meeting was in the form of the interview and Simon from Twitch was asking questions starting from the beginning of Rinaldo's career in gaming till nowadays. Having roots in customer service allowed him to understand users needs better and evaluate which changes shall be implemented in the whole process. I clearly remember his catchy advice: "- If you have 100 decisions that you need to take during the day, take at least 99. Let some of them be not correct and we will turn them into a learning opportunity to a person, rather than take only 50 and let other 50 be taken by another person. You wont like it the consequences." Rinaldo also told us about the problems they had with the naming, Germany is rather a tricky country and you never know that hashtag#Wargaming because of the part "war" can cause problems in the registration or opening a bank account or even finding an office. However, as we see if there is a will, there is a way. Currently they are working on the establishment of a mobile gaming office in Berlin, wish the guys lots of luck in their not easy yet fun journey. hashtag#networking hashtag#event hashtag#adtech hashtag#mobilemarketing

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i Play so many of these games that sometimes just look at the clock and its way past my bedtime !!! LOl !!! World of tanks, Warframe, World of warships , world of warplanes, warthunder !!! :D