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Sudden Unexplained Depression of Minal - Cause Study


Sudden Unexplained Depression of Minal - Cause Study

Minal – 31 year old dynamic business woman was diagnosed with severe depression. It all started just six months ago after her short business trip to Italy. When she returned to India, she was feeling unwell emotionally and distracted from her work.

At first, she felt it was the hectic schedule she had in Italy. But, weeks turned into months and she continued to feel disconnected from life. She started having suicidal thoughts and just didn’t know the reason for it. Hence, Minal decided to visit a psychiatrist who then confirmed it was a clinical case of severe depression.

Minal was referred to me by one of her friends as she did take sessions with me. The first interview round concluded her suffering from anxiety issues right from the time she turned 25. Still, her work was pressurizing and never gave her the opportunity to think about these issues.

She was single and never had relationships. Minal was a bright student and now an excellent business woman. She had her own start-up company at the age of 21 in the field of Information Technology.

Talking about her family, she said her parental aunt had committed suicide at the age of 30 and the reasons are unknown till date. Her paternal grandmother too was suffering from mental illness since she was around 30, after giving birth to her father. Her maternal side too had a brief history of mental illness.

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