Anders Liu-Lindberg en Directors and Executives, Economists and Finance, Accountants Senior Finance Business Partner • Maersk Line A/S 26/9/2016 · 3 min de lectura · 4,7K

Beyond The Final Frontier Of Finance

In the past two months, we’ve discussed how the CFO can transform the finance function in my latest series about Finance Transformation. We’ve discussed how to fix the basics by among other things using new systems. We also took a look at Big Data and how to get the most value from it. Last but not least, we’ve debated how Business Finance and Finance Business Partners are where Finance meets the business to accelerate value creation. Now the time has come to look beyond all that and into the future of Finance. What’s beyond the current end game of Finance where transactions are outsourced or offshored and in some cases even automated, analytics is system driven and frontline interactions are left in the hands of the few finance business partners on whom everything hinges?

Finance as we know it will cease to exist!

I know. It’s a quite bold statement but hear me out and let’s discuss at the end of it all. In reality, you can automate a lot of what’s