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Software development is risky, by André Vondran

Software development is risky. But 25 years ago building a program was like gambling in a Casino. 

In 1996, 31 % of U. S. development projects failed entirely, 53 % were over budget schedule or missing functionality and only 16 % met initial expectations.  

The problem was in the way IT projects were planned.

Software development is risky, by André Vondran

If you are good

about driving results
organizations or causes
are looking for people who can actually manage the projects
and leads the teams
to get the results
impact a cause
You could change of perspective
nurturing relationships on your team
between all the different levels of people
that you're working with
you can actually change
someone's perspective
for the good
you have an opportunity to affect change
it's something as we all know
we're human beings
so one of the things it's very difficult for us
to do at times
is to change
So If you the ability to effect change
within an organization a community or cause.
You should take a Solutions Architect Role

A solution architect
translates requirements
created by functional Analysts 
into the architecture
for that solution
and describing it through
architecture and design artifact
the rest of the development team
then uses those artifacts
to implement the solution
the solution architects process
typically involves
selecting the most appropriate technology
for the problem
an individual performing the role of a solution architect focuses on converting requirements into the architecture
and design that ultimately constitute the blueprint for the solution
is often the development team leader
as such they are often expected to provide motivation and guidance to the entire development team during the systems development life cycle
so that the team is motivated to match the detailed design of the solution to the higher level
primarily helps programmers and project managers in the design
and governance of projects
of any kind
where the solution architect
starts and stops
it depends on the funding model
for the process of solution identification and delivery.

Jerry Fletcher Mar 29, 2020 · #1

Andre, I agree there needs to be a singular person in charge of any development team, but there is a higher court and that is the people who will use the software. Too often engineers and coders make assumptions about how users think. Just the other day a woman I know of significant intelligence told me she had finally figured out how to slide the button on her smart phone to answer it! Once, consulting with a CRM/automated Marketing team I had to point out that not all world languages are read right to left and down the page. Find a way to get the user involved. And so it goes.

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