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11 Hot Ideas to Spice Up Your Sex Life

For so many folks out there sex has become a bore, a drag or something they do not look forward to anymore? The way out or the best solution is to rev up your sex life and put the spark back into your world. Routines or same positions on a constant base can really remove all the fun in sex. The truth is routines are good for other aspects of your life, particularly in your job, but definitely not your sex life. You don’t have to despair as there are great ideas that can guarantee that the spark returned to your sex life.

11 Tested, Proven And Trusted Ideas To Get Your Groove Back On

11 Hot Ideas to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Change location

More often than not sex is performed in the bedroom. There is no hard and fast rule anywhere in the world that states that the bedroom and the bed are the only places to have that great sexual experience you have always dreamt of. Get into the christening game and begin to christen every part of the apartment.

You might want to try it in the shower with the water gliding down your bodies as you make out. The bathtubs are great too. Don’t forget the kitchen, the stairs, living room, the garage, just about every available space in the house.

Change positions

For every day of the month, you can actually try a different position or style just to upgrade the fun. Go beyond the conventional styles you are used to and induce multiple orgasms with different sex pattern available at your disposal. The face-off, G-whiz, ballet dancer, X-factor etc. are positions what giving a shot. You can search the net for more exhilarating and kinky patterns for your maximum pleasure.

Games up

Games are always fun and inculcating them into your sexual activities is double the fun. Such games like follow the honey, light as a feather, roll the dice; x-marks the spot and so on can make sex thrilling and pleasurable. You can just get creative and do some games that can get you aroused.

Grab and kiss

When your partner least expect it, just grab ‘em and plant a long deep kiss into the mouth. Particularly when they are all set to leave the house. It is more effective on the men. While watching television just plants those unexpected kisses, they are always magical.

Set the mood

Some romantic activities before actually having sex can make a lot of difference in your sexual experience. You can do this by getting a sexy outfit for your partner and dressing them up in preparation for sex, lighting some scented colored candle, play love music or set a romantic dinner in the house.

Use exciting sexual words

Communication is key, be verbal during sexual intercourse. Tell your partner what you want, where and how you want to be touched, just be honest about what you want. No hold barred. Then make pleasurable noises as the act is ongoing, this heightens the mood.


Sometimes just leaving your usual environment can do the magic. Get a hotel room to be together and relief yourself the pressures of life. Other getaway spots can be used as well but remember t be spontaneous religious with sex. Your sex life is sure to experience a boost.

Go naked all day

You can spend the entire day indoors naked and just making out, be smooching or foreplay. Do everything you normally do in your birthday suit, like cooking together, seeing a movie indoor or reading any romantic piece of literature.

Use food and drinks

A caramel sauce in bed, berries, cherries are a great idea for sex. Eating or licking food from your partner’s body is super fun, you get to caress sensual spots with your tongue. A little drink too can increase the adrenaline rush. But try not to get drunk while you are at it. Your private parts should not have food on them as this might lead to infections.

More sex

Break the ice already and have more sex. Just increasing the number of times you have sex might be what you really need. So whether you are in the mood or not, give a go at it, who knows, you just might enjoy it. To do this, you can keep a record on who initiates sex more, who comes up with more sex ideas and so on.

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