How I fought bedbugs in my new apartment.

How I fought bedbugs in my new apartment.I want to tell my little story about how I fought with bedbugs. For several years I saved money, denying myself the luxury to buy an apartment. It was my biggest dream. Back at University, I often liked to daydream, imagining how I equip their homes, buy furniture, etc. And now, after graduation and years of work and delay, I had saved enough money. And began to look after housing. Very long studied the ads. Talked to different realtors, owners, reviewed a bunch of proposals and finally found a suitable option. I bought a Studio apartment in a relatively old house, but in a very cozy place. The apartment was renovated, everything is clean, in General, without any problems. And so, I bought everything you need – furniture, decor, various things necessary for life, and moved into the apartment All was well, no problem. But a month later, began to appear in the apartment animals. Cockroaches, bedbugs, bugs of some kind. And the closer to spring, the more insects began to appear in my apartment. At first they appeared in the bathroom, through ventilation, then in the kitchen, and after six months – they were everywhere I tried to fight in traditional ways. Bought a different poison, even had global persecution, which lived for three days at my parents until the poison was dissolved. After this serious harassment, a couple of days they were not visible. But two days later, they attacked my apartment again. I even began to think that part of the house in which I live, is located on some anomalous zone. And as it turned out, our entire wing suffered from these insects. Nobody knew what to do. They didn't just live in an apartment, they climbed into food, ate Wallpaper, furniture. People were desperate And so, having collected a meeting in our house, we decided to call professionals. I was assigned the responsibility of finding companies that are engaged in insect harassment. But, as it turned out, this activity is not cheap. Especially for me, because I had to live a few more months on “beans”. At work, I told my colleague about the situation. And he told a similar story that happened to his friend, He advised me a firm that is very high quality, for reasonable money, eliminates bed bugs. I called them, they counted the sum, for me it was very acceptable, as well as for other residents. They arrived, and started to work. And I'll tell you, it was very professional. They have a lot of different equipment. And disinfectants. So, this company "KOMBAT-DEZ" destruction of bugs and cockroaches in Moscow , very well done. I think this is one of the best firms in Moscow. After their work, all the insects just disappeared. I cannot believe. All the tenants are happy. So I think you will not regret turning to "KOMBAT-DEZ". I wish you all a peaceful life!