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Andres Mejia of McKinsey & Co.: Thought Leadership Tips

Andres Mejia of McKinsey & Co.: Thought Leadership Tips

Andres Mejia of McKinsey & Co.: Educated Professional

Andres Mejia is an educated entrepreneur who worked as an Organization Solutions Expert with McKinsey & Co. until 2017. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from the Universidad de los Andes, which he earned in 1997. He also attended Cambridge University in the United Kingdom, where he completed McKinsey’s Engagement Manager University program in 2013, a year after starting with the company

Andres Mejia is an international entrepreneur who has established himself as a successful thought leader. He worked with McKinsey & Co. between 2012 and has since moved on to work with AlixPartners as a Director. He maintains his reputation as a thought leader and continues to grow his career.

Tips like these can help you establish yourself as a thought leader as Andres Mejia did at McKinsey & Co. and in his past professional roles:

· Find a Topic You Love

If you’re going to write, speak, answer questions and come up with new ideas about an industry, you need to love the topic. Just as your passion for your field will shine through, a disinterest in your topics will also be obvious and it could jeopardize your efforts.

· Find a Role Model

Find a role model within the company you work for or look outside of the company for someone like Andres Mejia of McKinsey & Co. Pick a thought leader whom you admire and respect to follow and learn from. Though you shouldn’t copy your thought leader role model, take inspiration from them to improve your own ability.