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Are you ready to work for free?

Are you ready to work for free?

What would you say if someone asked you this? What your thoughts and reaction would be? Does it sound normal or crazy? If you don't like that, then, probably, being a businessman is not for you. I often get questions from people who want to be a businessman, how to do it or how to become one. And this is my answer, are you ready to work for free? This is business. First, you need to bring value to the marketplace, that means investing your work, money, passion in that business. Only then, if people appreciate your effort, they will give you the profit.

This is the same reason why so many businessmen fail as a businessman. They are not ready to sacrifice anything and they are not ready for failures on the way.

When I started my first business, which totally failed, by the way, I realized that even though I went to school and University I've had no knowledge to do a business. Skills you need to operate in the office and the ones you need to create a company are totally different. If you remember how you learned how to walk, that's going to be the same kind of experience. That's something you never did. That's why there will be many falls on the way. You got to be strong enough to get up every time.

It is funny that those who create businesses create jobs. When you get a job, you only sell your time for money. It doesn't create any other job, even if you are in HR (just in case).

And we were never taught to do so. Just one question, where would jobs come from, if no one created businesses? That's the thing, there would be no jobs. We have lots of high-quality professionals who can't get a job, and getting better in their field doesn't help. At the same time, very few people are ready to work for free. Getting back to the example of learning to walk, when you kept on trying, you did it for free, you were failing and you kept on going. There was a success in the end. Being a businessman is just the same. Work for free for your passion, keep failing until you succeed.

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At first I consider it is a joke to work for free but you actually talk about the normal and upcoming trend which will definitely change the style of working. Likewise, I am visiting website to get assistance in my papers as well as knowing the tough terms.

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Great Buzz. @Andrew 🐝 Goldman Every plan toward a goal must include a list of sacrifices. What are willing to pay or temporary give up to pay for your dreams, goals, and plans? If you don't know, then you don't know what you really want.

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Solid thinking and enlightening article, @Andrew 🐝 Goldman.

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nice insight @Andrew 🐝 Goldman! enjoyed read and shared. thank you for the share.

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Good example @Andrew 🐝 Goldman .. creating the credibility for free is the first step towards a business

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