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How double standards destroy our lives?

How double standards destroy our lives?

People are such an amazing creatures that can either do anything in life or find an excuse for anything. How does that happen? So often we say that some person is rich because those are his parent's money, or it's somebody's lover or just luck. Or truly believe that some happy couple is together just because of their prosperity or, parents, or luck? Or how about at school, you study and someone is better than you? And the explanation will be he is more gifted, has bigger charisma or luck again?

Millions of millions of excuses are created on daily basis. Why it happens this way? And there is an answer - lack of self-confidence.

That's all. And that is the only reason why people create all of those excuses.

Now it is time to ask an important question - what's with double standards here?

And here it is. The story we create in a way of excuse for ourselves becomes a standard we see in another person. At the same time, we have a different standard for ourselves. Isn't that funny? So often we think that life has double standards, people don't treat everyone equally and we do just the same every single day. Every time you create an excuse that becomes a double standard. The one that mostly influences only your life. It doesn't become somebody's else standard. It remains yours as long as you think so.

So if you "can't do something" or "don't have enough time", or "not lucky enough" - those are your standards in a way of excuse.

The solution is always easy. Simplicity is the key to everything. And your standards should be as simple as possible. Focus on your life and your desires. Stop looking for an excuse around you. When you run from wolves in the mountain, it doesn't matter if someone did better at school. The only thing that matters is: "you must run faster and save yourself".

"Real potential opens up in a real danger." You make it real in your mind. You set the bar. We don't get such an extreme examples daily and that makes people lazy. Hoping that it will never happen.

"I can do everything I want because I'm capable of." I wake up and say it to myself. Say it a hundred times. And that becomes my standard. Say it every day a year long. I got my confidence almost in a day. But I kept saying that because it brings me joy. Not the sorrow I experienced finding an excuse. The joy that I can do anything. Then I go deeper and focus on what's important for me. Don't question it. There are no rights or wrongs in life. Being true to yourself and your beliefs is great if it's really you and not another excuse. How to define if it is true? Answer one question: does that make me happy?

And when you answer look in the mirror, do smile or your eyes go down?

By Andrew Goldman

Rose Spot 16/11/2016 · #14

#13 @Andrew Goldman You are very welcome, happy to read your posts, have a great day

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Andrew 🐝 Goldman 15/11/2016 · #13

#10 Thank you, @Rose Spot! All in our hands. Have an awesome day!

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Andrew 🐝 Goldman 15/11/2016 · #12

#9 Yes, thank you, @Sasa Radovic! Have an awesome day!

Andrew 🐝 Goldman 15/11/2016 · #11

Thank you for a great comment @Harvey Lloyd Yes, It's all about the patterns that we have. If we break them we get a breakthrough. And it feels awesome! Also having those patterns creates the possibility of breaking them and that will end up as experience. We can appreciate both.#8

Rose Spot 14/11/2016 · #10

Great post, I agree we do limit ourselve in thinking to much, like Nike "just do it", the path is not to only to be succesful but to be able to move up even when in the floor...Life is a journey...

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Sasa Radovic 14/11/2016 · #9

#8 It reminds me on a rotating object - interception. Great movie, and interesting idea.

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Harvey Lloyd 14/11/2016 · #8

@Andrew Goldman excuses are a mechanism that allows us to live with ourselves before and after events. It is difficult to break this cycle if you don't have a "higher authority" to answer too. This "higher authority" can be anything you choose. But it must represent a standard that is never changing, holds true in all situations and is something you can adopt.

With this we don't need to set standards between us or judge. We can share a journey with each other that allows for many standards, but one journey.

I have found that many writers have the double standard and in reality i catch myself many times. I have discussed one position from one perspective and changed perspectives to discuss another. The one that always gets me is small business needs and government intervention. If i ask the government to help my special interest then i must allow them to help another's.

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