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How to make the toughest choices in life?

How to make the toughest choices in life?

Hello, friends! I hope you are having an amazing day! And let's talk about choices.

My idea is to share what challenges they bring, what kind of choices we face and how you can easily solve any choice.

So, every one of us faces choices every single moment of our lives. Is it bad karma? Or no luck? No, it's just the way of life. You see, everything we go through in life is being analyzed by our mind. Some things we analyze consciously, some we analyze unconsciously.

It happens that way every single second. You may not be a coder. But I'll break it simple:

When you open your eyes in the morning your brain runs through the standard questions:

my.location = home true or false?

Me = safe true or false?

Me = get your ass up true or false?

and so on.

The brain is a magical computer analyzing everything. It does it no matter what. And most of the decisions we make are safe/logical based on our experience.

If you agree that you make all the calls and that you control your brain we are 80% closer to the success.

Now we know that we make the calls and no one actually can make choices for us. Even though it seems different at times. But even that is a choice. When you agree with someone else's opinion instead of your own - that's a choice too. And that one is made by you.

We also understand that every single moment of our life is a choice.

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