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How to make the toughest choices in life?

How to make the toughest choices in life?

Hello, friends! I hope you are having an amazing day! And let's talk about choices.

My idea is to share what challenges they bring, what kind of choices we face and how you can easily solve any choice.

So, every one of us faces choices every single moment of our lives. Is it bad karma? Or no luck? No, it's just the way of life. You see, everything we go through in life is being analyzed by our mind. Some things we analyze consciously, some we analyze unconsciously.

It happens that way every single second. You may not be a coder. But I'll break it simple:

When you open your eyes in the morning your brain runs through the standard questions:

my.location = home true or false?

Me = safe true or false?

Me = get your ass up true or false?

and so on.

The brain is a magical computer analyzing everything. It does it no matter what. And most of the decisions we make are safe/logical based on our experience.

If you agree that you make all the calls and that you control your brain we are 80% closer to the success.

Now we know that we make the calls and no one actually can make choices for us. Even though it seems different at times. But even that is a choice. When you agree with someone else's opinion instead of your own - that's a choice too. And that one is made by you.

We also understand that every single moment of our life is a choice.

For example, you look at the window, decide if it is beautiful or not, cold or not and whether you should jump out of it or not. Might sound crazy but it's true.

You are a creator of your life. And it doesn't matter if you are spiritual or not. You still control all your decisions and you make them. Freedom of will or a perfect computer, call it anything you want.

Our main challenge even when we don't know why we live is to proceed or not. And you can ask yourself that question a million times a day. Most probably you don't when you are happy emotionally. When you suffer you sure do.

All the rest is a variety. A basic need if I may. If we keep going then we keep running into new questions and situations. Some of them might be fundamental. Some of them usual. But it all depends on your mindset.

If you have a family and go to work and fire alarm starts in the building you pass by. If your mindset is to keep going no matter what. You will. But if your mindset goes above you might try to help to get people out. Or do something. Even an attempt is a lot.

If a person hears a baby cry inside and sees that there is no one else to help, he might just rush in. That's a dangerous choice. Will you make it?

Ok, let's not push on that and go to something less rare, luckily but still challenging. How about issues between husband and wife? If things go tough and are not as good as they were. And you decide to keep going or not?

That's also a life-threatening choice by the way.

Changing a career is the same type. And there are pretty many of those.

Let's split the choice making into a basis. How people make most of the choices? They go through simple questions:

1) Is it safe?

2) Do I like it?

3) What does it give?

And now we are at the core. This is the most exciting part that will make everything simple.

You can answer this questions no matter what. But with the different mindset you'll get different answers. And what is mindset? It even consists of 2 words: "mind" & "set." This is where your focus goes.

You can make decisions based on your experience and what you like. Or you can make decisions based on your goals in life. Major goals that you have. Like what kind of family you want? Or how can you help the world? Or what your body should be like?

This way we become detectives building the story from the outcome. How easy is it to make a choice when you know where are you going?

100 times easier. And if you want your life to be the way you want it to be - set some goals. Making the choices will be that much easier knowing the answers.

Have an amazing day!

Andrew Goldman

Andrew 🐝 Goldman 28/9/2016 · #5

Thank you, @David Grinberg Always stay positive and have an amazing day!

David B. Grinberg 28/9/2016 · #4

Nice buzz @Andrew Goldman. You provide a lot of good information and advice to ponder and digest. I believe that maintaining a positive mindset in good times and bad is a significant key in achieving one's goals. Buzz on, my friend...

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Rose Spot 27/9/2016 · #3

#2 You are welcome, Andrew, I look forward to your next posts

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Andrew 🐝 Goldman 27/9/2016 · #2

True it is. Thank you, @Rose Spot

Rose Spot 27/9/2016 · #1

Great post and knowing that no matter what you can or must always get back in your 2 feet...

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