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Not again!

Not again!

Some actions do piss us off. How it happens that there are things that we like and those that we hate? Besides, different people like different activities. And that is a great issue preventing most of the people from finding their true purpose. If everyone in your close circle is doctors and you enjoy singing - it will be extremely challenging. You see, when you are fulfilled on your own and at the same time you have a lack of understanding and connection with your closest relatives and friends, it will influence your whole life.

Everyone has their reasons. And then we are all responsible not only for ourselves but also for those around us. This is a WIN WIN situation when you are supportive. When your child want's to be successful in something you don't even understand. Or your partner went on a new challenge that you don't like. Who else should support those around you? And again, how do you want to be treated when you go on a challenge that others don't like?

There is a trap hidden in it. A mind trap of your desire to be worthy of your closest circle and sacrificing your dreams to stay connected with the ones you love. It never leads to anything good. If you can't really be happy, one day it will ruin everything. It's just a question of patience. If someone who gave up on his dream is patient enough to do something he hates and stay positive, which seems to be extremely hard if not impossible. And if another person can stay connected with the one who is not fulfilled and depressed all the time.

You can create more love. When you do what you love in your life, you will love those around you more. If you hate what you like and you are forced to hate it by those around you, you will hate them more. That's a formula.

If you want that happiness in life, make it! And help those around you build their happiness as well!

Andrew Goldman

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Geoff Hudson-Searle 18/11/2017 · #7

Interesting read @Andrew 🐝 Goldman I guess its true to say at different times of our lives we will need and want different types of relationships. Neither is better or worse than the other, it is all a personal decision and one that you will feel guided to as long as you are following your heart. our childhoods taught us to value love; but our institutions, cities, and technology have taught us to fear commitment and put choice first. We are trapped in a self-perpetuating cycle of emotional distance with each other. Most of us really want love at some point, but our actions are at war with this desire. We maintain emotional distance because we fear commitment and rejection, not because that is our true self. We replace the feeling of true intimacy with short term flings, long term noncommittal hook-ups, and sex. We comfort ourselves knowing at least we’re not feeling the stinging pain of a broken heart, at least we don’t have to deal with real emotions. My belief is that we have trapped ourselves in a cycle that we are all complicit within.

Renée 🐝 Cormier 18/11/2017 · #6

I always say the most important relationship you have is the one you have with yourself. Happiness is a choice to allow yourself to feel good, no matter where you are. It does not reside in any other place. People think that if they could do or have certain things, then they would be happy, but it doesn't work that way at all. What is happening around you is a direct reflection of your dominant emotion. Think about it. Miserable people are continually bombarded by miserable circumstances. They aren't unlucky. They are unwittingly creating their reality. Likewise, people with positive things happening in their lives are receiving those things because their general mood is positive. Guard your happiness. Eliminate negative talk and negative people from your life, choose better feeling thoughts and be conscious of your mood and emotions in every moment. I challenge those who read this to practice this for 30 days and see what changes happen around you. Check out Abraham Hicks videos:


Being positive takes less energy than being negative. Happiness can be contagious - spread it around!


Thx for sharing


Very true, with some folks being part of the environment grown up in, but you can change, takes will, inertia & PMA

Lisa Gallagher 17/11/2017 · #1

We do become our environment, either positive or negative. Choose to be around positive people, not emotional vampires. Great message @Andrew 🐝 Goldman

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