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See the sun

See the sun

Once you wake up and see the sun. It's not the first day and hopefully not the last one. You walk out of your house and meet the world. You finally know what it takes to be alive.

How many people do exist? And how many do live? I believe that those numbers are not equal. What I can say is all of them have the potential to live.

All the rest is choices, stories, experiences and habits. All the rest is recreation based on the past and made up based on the paradigm of the concrete person. Once you wake up and understand that something is not how it's supposed to be. Not how you want it to be. Is there anything that can be done about it? Of course, there is. It just all starts with a choice. A decision that you want things to be the certain way. Think of the room that you see through the keyhole. Is that everything that's in there? Or just a small part? What if your life was there behind that door? What if the whole world was there and all you've had was just a keyhole?

Could that be called a life? Or an existence. Can you change anything when you are only watching from the outside? One day you'll wake up and understand that you have the key. You will also understand that only you have that exact key. Only you can use it if you want to. Only you can make that change.

All of us exist in the world. And we all can live. I hope that one day you wake up and see the sun. Make the choice and feel your life.

by Andrew K. Goldman

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Cyndi Docy 6/9/2018 · #4

I loved this read. It is true we all exist but we do not all live.  I believe it's all in the way we look at life's happenings.  Do we approach problems as though there is no solution that is good?  Or,  do we choose to look at our problems as an opportunity that can bring positive results? Worth thinking about......


This is a great analogy. I like your key and keyhole metaphor. Everyday for me is like the movie, "Groundhog's Day." Let me explain. Yesterday's over, Tomorrow is not yet here, so the only choices that matter are those I make today or NOW.
Therefore, I awake each day behind the lock door with the key in my hand. The harder choices begin the moment I awake. "Am I going to use this key and open the door" OR "Stay locked in that room and complain that I am still behind the door I have the key to."

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Debasish Majumder 6/5/2018 · #2

Great buzz @Andrew 🐝 Goldman! enjoyed read and shared. thank you for the buzz.

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Jerry Fletcher 4/5/2018 · #1

Here in the upper left corner of the USA the sun is worshipped. We go months in the winter without seeing its full radiance. When it at last rises on a clear day in spring we come out of our cave homes like bears after the long sleep and marvel at it standing feeling its warmth. Today was one of those days. it was wonderful!

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