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Would you share your experience to help others?

Would you share your experience to help others?

Good day friends!

Did you ever felt lonely? Like there was something on your mind but you just didn't have anyone to share with? Or there were, but it seemed inappropriate? Could that be easier if you were able to ask and share anything you want, any experience of yours and not to be scared of criticism or pressure on your persona?

I've spent some time thinking that every person who has some depression, personal question or just something that bothers him/her goes to see the doctor. At the same time, it takes some strength to do it and a feeling that it is right to try. But what happens with other people? Who have some questions or doubts as well, but they don't even know if it's a trouble or not? Scared or don't want to share it? What could they do? There are millions of questions and situations in the world. 

And there is one great thing about them. Most probably somebody already went through the situation like yours. It is inspiring itself. But we've been thinking, with my friend Anqi Jiang, what if we could get those people who have qu